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19 April 2010 News

We tasted a lot of the top 2009 Saint-Emilion area wines, most of them next to each other at an important negociant tasting.  Some of the Saint-Emilion wines – well a lot of them – are massive.  They have just so much ripe fruit and tannin, it’s unbelievable.  Many carry it off without a sense of heat, pretty astonishing.  They will be crowd pleasers, and in the refrain you’ll hear us repeat over and over, the ones that have the most freshness and a defined structure were our favorites.  These included:

  • Perennial favorites and shout-out to the Count: Château d’Aiguilhe (Cotes de Castillon), always a stupendous value, and Château Canon La Gaffelière (truly exceptional in 2009) from Count Stefan von Neipperg.
  • Pavie Macquin, Troplong Mondot, Larcis Ducasse all spectacular, tremendously complex, and with character despite being so concentrated.
  • Angelus, Peby Faugeres (big) and Clos Fourtet (one of the prettier Saint-Emilions tasted, focused and beautiful) also quite delightful.
  • There are a lot of big, complex Saint-Emilions, and we think there will be some high scores.  The Saint Emilions were in some senses the hardest wines to taste, given their size – after going through 30 of them your mouth was overwhelmed by the gushing fruit and tremendous tannin (even if it was so ripe).

Pomerols were a bit trickier, as an ultra-powerful style did not seem to suit the wines; balance was the big issue, but when the wines hit the mark they were spectacular.  We heartily recommend the entire stable of Moueix Pomerols, not just the ones we carry.  And among the other wines, we were particularly impressed by La Conseillante, which is ripe,  dark and powerful but really carries it off so well that the wine is elegant above all.