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3 August 2011 News

The British Prime Minister is currently vacationing at Petrolo, as reported by the Telegraph, the Guardian, and a host of other British publications.

Check out this quote from the Guardian:

“At Villa Petrolo in the Tuscan province of Arezzo there is excitement over the imminent arrival of David Cameron and his party for their two-week summer holiday, but also a degree of trepidation. Luca Sanjust, the head of the family that owns the place, said it was “an honour” that Cameron had chosen it for his holiday, but among his staff there were mixed feelings because of memories of the last prime ministerial visit. This was the one last summer of the French prime minister, François Fillon, and his family, who arrived at Villa Petrolo with a retinue of 40 security men and a fleet of French cars.

“It was overdone,” said one resident of the Petrolo estate. “The guards bugged everything, even potted plants in the garden. And nobody was allowed anywhere near the villa, not even members of the Sanjust family.” As well as the French security team there were two vanloads of Italian carabinieri parked permanently at the front and back entrances to the villa, both to protect it from intruders and to provide escorts for the French prime minister if he should decide to go out.

The word has been going around here – though I’ve no idea whether it’s true or not – that David Cameron’s support staff is going to be even larger than the French one. All the nearby hotels are said to have been booked out by No 10 to house security people, secretaries and other personnel.”

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