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18 July 2014 News

Petrolo sent out a newsletter this week about its recent conversion to organic farming. After 20 years of organically farming their olive groves, they have decided to follow the same approach in the vineyards.

Below is an excerpt:

Grass management has an important role in regulating the presence of substances and moisture in the soil. The grass cut and left on the ground becomes a true natural fertilizer, produces micro and macroelements necessary to plants and to the soil itself.

“In wet periods, grass absorbs water and thus regulates the moisture in the ground ensuring the right balance between dry and wet matter. The coexistence of herbaceous and woody plants creates a self maintained natural balance; the vineyards keep healthy and consistent, same as the olive trees. This balance also affects the organoleptic characteristics of the olive oil and the wine with an increased number of polyphenols and higher intensity of flavours.”

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