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30 January 2017 News

James Suckling selected Petrolo for a “producer spotlight” feature! See below for an excerpt.

“Artist Luca Sanjust gave up his studio in Rome for a winery in the hills of Tuscany about 50km southeast of Florence. In the mid-1990s, he began making precise, heartfelt wines on his small estate. Today, his single-vineyard sangiovese, Boggina, and his pure merlot, Galatrona, are some of the most coveted wines from the region. He also just released a tiny-production white this year with the help of Burgundy negociant Lucien Le Moine. Sanjust believes his Galatrona proves that Tuscany has a distinctive style of merlot, very different from Bordeaux or anywhere else. His Boggina sangiovese also shows a distinct style and character, and he makes a few thousand bottles of it in amphorae. Also a knockout is his tiny-production pure cabernet sauvignon from mountain vineyards, Campo Lusso. Everything this artist-turned- winemaker does seems to turn to gold, or at least high ratings. —James Suckling, CEO/Editor”

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