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7 April 2016 News

Blogger Kara Sweet blogged about her recent visit to Ponzi Vineyards on the Web site, “The Sweet Sommelier.” Below is an excerpt:

“A Classic–Ponzi Vineyards

As we wound our way up the gentle hillside, the overcast sky was barely letting the sun through. However, the looming rain clouds provided one of the most beautiful views: lush, green knolls in every direction we looked.

We passed houses and farmland, and then entered the sloping vineyards just before we glimpsed the gorgeous facility. Modern, with a rustic feel, the wood and glass seemed to fit into the hill itself, part of the environment as if it had always been there.

But it hadn’t. This was actually Ponzi Vineyards’ new tasting and production facility. Though these structures were only recently completed, it is the quintessential example of Willamette Valley wine—a family-owned winery that cares about the environment so much that it feels as if it is actually a part of the environment.”

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