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23 February 2015 News

In a recent blog post, Christian Seely describes an unforgettable tasting of vintage ports at the Hotel Bel Air in Beverly Hills.  At the tasting there was an extensive range of Vintage Ports from 1963, and then a vertical of Quinta do Noval Nacionals including 1963, 1958, 1962, 1960, and the legendary 1931.

Mr. Seely writes: ” The 1963 Nacional was in another series, and I have to say in another category, as always, astonishingly youthful reserved complex and powerful. And then we tried the other Nacionals, all beautiful and in great condition. The 1960 was particularly lovely, fine delicate and aromatic. And then we finished with the great 1927 from Dow and the astonishing 1931 Quinta do Noval Vintage. I have tasted this wine a few times over the past twenty years, and each time it amazes by its youth, and seems not to grow one whit older.”

The entire piece can be read here.