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11 July 2012 News

It was a slow process but the Sandrone family is now the proud owner of an incredible addition to their estate vineyards, a few acres of land in the Baudana cru! In Sandrone’s recent newsletter they featured an article detailing the vineyard planting process.

The Baudana cru is among the most spectacular pieces of property never planted to vine in the commune of Serralunga. Sandrone  divided the property into two pieces: the “Upper” section that is gently sloping to the west-southwest that is planted to mature and well-tended plants of about 30 years of age, and a “Lower” section that had a few rows of vines and many fruit trees.

What came as a bit of a surprise was the Lower Baudana.  It has never been planted over to grape cultivation even though it is in the heart of the cru facing directly south. This section is considered prime Nebbiolo land.  The Sandrone family replanted the whole lower section in the spring with vines whose fruit will eventually be destined for their Barolo Le Vigne bottling. Luciano believed this to be an important addition to the component vineyards as it will add even more structure and depth to the already-complex and long-lived Le Vigne.

After removing the existing trees, the Sandrones leveled the area, installed drainage improvements, tilled and worked the soil, added composted cow manure and laid out the placement for the eventual rows and plants. It was a 2-week process and the new plants have already sprouted and started growing. The fruit from the first 5-7 years of this vineyard will be sold in bulk until the qualitative level is sufficient for inclusion in the Barolo. They have a special planting guide that hooks over the end of each intermediate support pole and shows the exact height and placement of the new vine. Given the steep slope of the site, this means they have about 4000 plants per acre, slightly more than on gentler slopes. At the end of the process Sandrone will have a beautiful new vineyard and Luca and Luciano are very happy with the results.

Luciano in Baudana

Luciano and Luca setting post anchors

Luciano overseeing the planting