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18 December 2012 News

The 2012 Sandrone Harvest Report newsletter was just released, sharing some great information on the year’s weather conditions. At the end of August there was a nice break from the heat by a 4-day rain shower that gently replenished the groundwater. While there had been several big thunderstorms (and two hailstorms in late July) during the summer, all of these were brief and intense and the precipitation tended to run off into the streams, not penetrate into the ground. So the late August rain was very welcome, offering some relief to the plants, which were beginning to exhibit some heat stress. Unlike 2011, nighttime temperatures cooled consistently showing good day-night temperature differential allowing a long, even maturation. Mid-September shorter rainstorms gave some trouble to the Dolcetto harvest that required additional bunch-by-bunch cleaning during the picking process.

The first small load of Dolcetto to make the pied de cuvée was picked on September 9. They brought the first full load of Dolcetto in on September 11 and had finished all the Docletto by the 22nd. Barbera was picked between September 25 and October 2. Valmaggiore was picked in three marathon days October 6-7-8. The Valmaggiore vineyard is their largest single piece of vineyard property and typically ripens over the course of a week, each parcel being picked separately as it reaches perfect maturity. This year, the even ripening during September lead to everything being ready at the same time. The wine will be exceptional!

Nebbiolo for Barolo began with Merli on the 3rd of October; they then picked Vignane, Villero, Baudana and Cannubi Boschis. Nebbiolo can suffer through cold and damp conditions easily – it is heat that makes it suffer. This year the heat was relatively normal – 3 weeks in August. The critical September ripening period was perfect for Nebbiolo: warm, sunny days, cool nights and gentle breezes. Sandrone finished harvesting the 14th of October, and Luciano is very happy with the results.

Ravera Cru, early October









Luca in Cannubi

Ivan and Simona in Villero