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25 July 2016 News


See below and linked here a lovely and succinct profile of Sandrone by wine writer Benjamin Lewin.

The piece captures a good deal of what makes Sandrone special: the balance it strikes between modernism and tradition; the intense dedication to quality through ultra-exacting standards; and above all, the beauty and harmony of the wines themselves.

“I believe that Luciano straddles the divide between modern and traditional in a way that no one else does. He’s constantly experimenting,” says Alan Manley, who has been at the Sandrone winery since 2008. Built in 1998, the winery has a group of quite spacious modern buildings around a courtyard, with a workmanlike interior sunk into the hillside. Although there are vines immediately around the winery, “this is not our vineyard, this is a horrible place for Nebbiolo, but many people are planting Nebbiolo in north-facing vineyards where Dolcetto used to be grown.”