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31 August 2012 News

There is a piece on the Wine Spectator homepage discussing how Spain’s most dynamic winemakers balance a new perspective of Spanish wine with tradition.   The article centers around Telmo Rodriguez and his partner in La Compania de Vinos Telmo Rodriguez, Pablo Eguzkiza.  As Mitch writes:

“During two weeks in Spain earlier this summer, I was struck by how the best winemakers here walk a tightrope between the past and the future. Spain is probably the most dynamic wine country in Europe right now, thanks to people like Rodriguez and Eguzkiza and a younger generation that is following their example. They want to prove that Spain is not just a source for value, but a land with incredible terroirs. The problem is that Spain is still a conservative country in many ways, even three decades after dictator Francisco Franco’s death triggered a wave of changes. The New Spain is still a work in progress.”

There are some great lines from Telmo and Pablo on how they search for extraordinary sites and seek to to preserve traditional viticulture, as well as a fantastic (albeit unfortunate) story of how they were, let’s say misled, in the re-planting of one of Rioja vineyards.  Click on the image below for the full article.