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6 March 2015 News

Telmo Rodriguez is one of several prominent winemakers in Rioja proposing changes to the DOC.  In this quest he joins Juan Carlos de la Calle, the owner of Artadi wines who in 2014 decided to leave the Rioja DOC.  This move is largely a response to the current Reserva and Gran Reserva hierarchy that revolves around barrel and bottle age rather than quality.  Additionally, the majority of Rioja producers don’t own their vineyards and blend grapes from Rioja’s sub-regions.  As Telmo explains, “wine is not related to the real territory.”  Telmo is trying to change this, offering wines like Altos de Lanzaga from the village of Lanziego de Alava.  By putting wines such as this into the market, Telmo demonstrates the excellence of single vineyard sites.

The full piece can be read here.