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23 May 2017 News

We are happy to report a review of Tommasi’s 2014 Rafael Valpolicella on Forbes Online in “10 Best Red Wines Under $20 For A Beach Party.” Wine writer Nick Passmore reviews the Rafael among other reds ideally served slightly chilled throughout the summer, noting that 30 minutes after opening, the wine “developed into a fruit-forward sassy seductress with just enough polish on the finish to allow you to believe you might, just, be able to take her home and introduce her to your mother.” The piece ends with a photo of the Rafael label.

19 May 2017 News

Wine writer Mike Muckian of the Wisconsin Gazette featured these two Tommasi wines in “Top-shelf reds pair well with grilled meats.” Mike recommends the Rompicollo and Ripasso as two wines that can “add a little Italian flare to your summer fun” and pair well with grilled meats for summer barbequing. He notes the Poggio al Tufo Rompicollo “captures flavors of chocolate and berries on its supple palate, its well-maintained tannins delivering a satisfying finish.” Mike notes the process through which Ripasso is produced and the blend of grapes in this vintage, finally noting “this may be the wine your guests will be talking about long after the coals are cold and the party is over.” Click the image to view the article!

16 May 2017 News

Snooth editor Kristine Jannuzzi featured a story on the Tommasi family and its history in Amarone winemaking. Kristine highlighted the vintages of Amarone and Ca’Florian she enjoyed over lunch with owner Pierangelo Tommasi, noting “the 2007 Ca’Florian had the most finesse, while the power and complexity of the 2009 Riserva suggested great aging potential.” Kristine mentions the family’s newest acquisition of the Casisano estate, explaining that “owning a vineyard in Montalcino had been a family dream for nearly 20 years.” Click here to read the article.

15 May 2017 News

Vindulge, a wine, food and travel blog, featured the Le Rosse Pinot Grigio in “12 Wines for Spring Sipping.” Wine blogger Mary Cressler notes the Le Rosse is a “really pleasant wine with ripe peaches, tart apples, and tropical fruit. It’s crisp, clean, and dry.” She also notes the value of the wine makes it “a good one to have on hand for brunches or gatherings.” Click here for the link.

15 May 2017 News

The Daily Meal featured Tommasi’s Rafael Valpolicella in “25 New Wines, White and Red, From California and Beyond.” Wine writer Roger Morris highlighted the Rafael as a “full-bodied” red with “raspberry flavors and a crisp long finish.” Click here for the link.

15 May 2017 News

Wine writer Charles Scicolone attended a Masterclass on Amarone hosted by Pierangelo Tommasi  and wrote a lovely piece outlining the highlights of the class and the vintages he had the opportunity to taste on his wine blog. Click here for the link to the story!

9 May 2017 News

Leslie Gevirtz published an article on Wine Enthusiast Online highlighting the success of the Tommasi family over the past 4 generations and how much the company has expanded past the Veneto region over the years. The article is filled with great quotes from Pierangelo captured throughout dinner on the expansion of the company and its current focus on enhancing the assets the family already owns. Leslie touches on the six Italian wineries owned by Tommasi and quotes Pierangelo, saying “we already produce two of the so-called three kings of Italy – Amarone and Brunello.

Click here to download the article!

3 April 2017 News

Tommasi’s Valpolicella Ripasso was featured in a roundup of recently tasted wines on Winston-Salem Journal Online. Wine writer Tom Marquardt reviews the Ripasso, noting the wine has “raisiny aroma” and hints of “raisins, cherries, pepper and spice on the palate.” Click here to see the clip!

20 March 2017 News

We are happy to share new coverage of Tommasi’s Le Rosse Pinot Grigio this week as a result of our pitching and sampling efforts. Wine writer Ted Scheffler featured the Le Rosse Pinot Grigio as a recommendation in his column Wine Wednesday on Salt Lake City Weekly Online, a regional publication in Utah. Ted notes “I know what you’re thinking: Pinot Grigio is so BORING. Not this one. Pinot Grigio can be ridiculously mundane, but there are good ones out there and this is one of them.” After this high praise of the wine, Ted discusses the characteristics of the pinot grigio as having “good acidity and ripe tropical fruit flavors, white peach, honeysuckle, and ginger.”

Click here to read the full article



13 March 2017 News

The Daily Meal featured Tommasi Rompicollo and Valpolicella Ripasso in “25 Bright, Affordable Wines from 9 Countries, Perfect for Spring.” Wine writer Roger Morris notes that the Ripasso is a “lighter ripasso” and that the wine has “bright cherry flavor, lighter body, and good acidity.” Of the Rompicollo, Roger notes that the wine “shows a combination of dark cherries, savory herbs and old-barrel flavors.”

Click here to read the full article