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Bòggina A

DOC Val d'Arno di Sopra

 Every year, Petrolo selects a small lot of Bòggina, a wine made purely from their best Sangiovese grapes, to ferment in amphorae. Vinification is done through open air maceration, and is followed by a year-long aging process in sealed amphorae. Grapes are hand-harvested and then further selected on a sorting table. The wine undergoes a two-week open-air fermentation in two terracotta amphorae of 300 liters each. The amphorae are then hermetically sealed, and the wine is left on its skins for six months. After this six month period, the skins are removed, and aging continues in amphorae for another six months. The natural porosity of the terracotta allows for a slow ingress of oxygen into the wine, avoiding excess reduction. No sulfites are added during this process, as the extended contact of the wine with the skins establishes a natural level of protection against oxidation.

Bòggina A bottle