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Eduardo Chadwick ERRAZURIZ: Image 6 of 23 ERRAZURIZ: Image 7 of 23 Landscape Aconcagua Valley
Vineyards Don Maximiano Vineyards Vineyards ERRAZURIZ: Image 11 of 23 The Grounds at Errazuriz
Harvest at Max I Vineyard, Aconcagua Valley Max I Vineyard, Aconcagua Valley Max I Vineyard, Aconcagua Valley Max II Vineyard, Aconcagua Valley
ERRAZURIZ: Image 17 of 23 Aconcagua Costa Aconcagua Costa landscape Aconcagua Costa Reservoir
Aconcagua Costa Vineyards Errazuriz Winery Interior Cellar
30 January 2018 Feature, News, Videos

21 August 2014 News, Videos

James has just posted a fantastic new video with Francisco Baettig, where he discusses growing Pinot Noir in Chile and how he’s starting to see some outstanding results with the grape. Click on the image below to watch it!

14 May 2013 News, Videos

Errazuriz has just released a new video highlighting the Errazuriz icon wine, Don Maximiano Founder’s Reserve 2010. Entitled “An Enduring Vision”, the video expresses how Don Maximiano Errazuriz set out to create timeless wines and founded the winery in a “viticultural paradise”. Check out the video below!

3 October 2012 News, Videos

A great handheld video Errazuriz winemaker Francisco Baettig took a few years back, looking at Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in the vineyard and cellar.

22nd February 2012 News, Videos

We like this comprehensive video on Chile done by the LCBO (Ontario, Canada Liquor Control Board), lots of video of Errazuriz, including a feature with Eduardo Chadwick on the Berlin Tasting about 8 minutes in – take a look!



17 January 2012 News, Videos

A look back at the 2011 harvest, and the sites, people, history and dedication that make these wines so special.

30 June 2010 News, Videos

The Institute of Masters of Wine recently hosted a symposium to answer an age-old question: who serves the wine consumer best, big corporations or family-owned companies?

Errazuriz’ Eduardo Chadwick attended on behalf family-owned approach, contributing to the candid and eloquent conversation about the heart of the wine business:

“As the dialogue developed, it was clear that both families and corporations had a role to play in bringing the greatest of wines to the consumer. At the end there was consensus on the fact that the business of wine is about people and passion. Irrespective of ownership, those that are true to terroir are the custodians of a precious asset with a duty to produce the best wine each vintage which reflects the sense of place and time.”

Watch the entire symposium:

MW Symposium – 25 June 2010 – Session 4 – Who serves the consumer best, families or corporations from Masters of Wine on Vimeo.

17 May 2010 News, Videos

Wines of Chile filmed a great video featuring Eduardo Chadwick, Steven Spurrier and the atmosphere at the Berlin Tasting in New York.   As follows:

8 February 2010 News, Videos

Soledad Meneses has been spending a lot of time in the US talking about Errazuriz wines to the trade and consumers, and in this video from Dutch wine website we get to see some great shots of the Aconcagua Valley, and Soledad tastes through Errazuriz’ top Cabernet Sauvignon, Don Maximiano.