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Erica and Francesa Le Volpare Piergiorgio, Stefano, Pierangelo and Giancarlo Villa Fontana
30 January 2018 Feature, News, Videos

30 September 2014 News, Videos

Tommasi has just launched a brand new video about their new Masseria Surani project in Puglia. Owner Pierangelo Tommasi introduces the estate and its wines. Click on the image below to view it!


11 March 2014 News, Videos

Take a look at Pierangelo Tommasi explaining what’s happening to the grapes at this time of the year, the Appassimento method for Amarone.

20 September 2013 News, Videos

Pierangelo Tommasi gives some great communication on and explanation behind Tommasi’s Prosecco Filodora.

11 February 2013 News, Videos

A super video of Pierangelo Tommasi giving a brief overview of his family’s Amarone, timely as we release the 2009 vintage into the market.

6 February 2013 News, Videos

The Tommasi Estate is run by the 9 members of the 4th generation of the Tommasi family. Below is a great video introducing each member of the family now carrying out the family legacy…


30 August 2012 News, Videos

A video of Pierangelo is featured on the homepage of the Wine Spectator’s website. The video is titled “Exploring Amarone / Pierangelo Tommasi explains one of the world’s great wines”.  Pierangelo talks about Amarone specifically, with the Amarone Classico and Ca’Florian as the main feature.

Click the image below to watch the video.



6 April 2012 News, Videos

At Vinitaly last week, Tommasi celebrated the 110 Year Anniversary of their family firm.  There was the release of a book, the unveiling of the Prosecco project we discussed, and much more!   See below for a great little video of all the Tommasi family members saying their names.

14 February 2012 News, Videos

Tommasi has created a website to celebrate the 110 Year Anniversary of the estate, and on which at certain points this year they will release important news and features.  Go here to see the site.  Right now they have a wonderful video showing that you can also see below, entitled “Tommasi: The Strength of the Family”.


27 January 2012 News, Videos

Serena Palumba, a former Italian corporate lawyer-turned Manhattan food blogger and TV star, has a great post on Tommasi today.

Serena takes a walk through Tommasi’s prized Conca d’Oro vineyard in Valpolicella with Pier Angelo, Export and Marketing Director for the estate, and tastes Amarone in the cellar next to the estate’s giant oak casks. The two also discuss recipes for “Risotto di Amarone.”

To read the full blog post, click here.

Click on the image below to view the video of her visit: