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The Colheita at Noval are true rarities, all from 100% estate grown grapes, which were trodden by foot and fermented in the lagares at the Quinta. These single-vintage tawnies are available in small quantities in the Douro to begin with; Colheita from 100% estate-grown fruit are nearly unheard of, and extraordinarily special wines. The wines spend their entire lives in old oak barrels until the moment of bottling, which takes place only when an order is received. The most recent Colheita, the 1995, is primarily Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz and Touriga Francesca. It displays a beautiful pale, tawny color. It has an attractive, intense and mature bouquet, characteristic of tawnies this age, reminiscent of dry fruits. Sweet and complex on the palate, Quinta do Noval’s Colheita show an elegant structure, and are harmonious, with a persistent finish.

Colheitas bottle