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From his original 5 acres in Pignan, Mounir has one plot, of 100% Grenache planted in the 1930s, which  yields naturally at a miniscule 1 ton per acre.  From these vines he produces Arioso. Pignan faces north towards “the giant of Provence”, Mont Ventoux, and this exposure brings freshness  to the natural high ripeness achieved here. With the rocky and sandy soils of this original plot, there is  a true sense of elegance that emerges in the wines. When you start tasting you understand why some have compared his wines to the great Rayas wines of the 1980s or, perhaps as expected, to Burgundy.  

The wine vinifies with whole clusters after an 11 day cold maceration, and then spends 3 years in 228 and 500 liter barrels, never racked or sulfured.  

The Saoumas write on their label: "Arioso is a style of opera somewhere between an aria and a recital.  We chose this name for our wine because it is evocative of both the ethereal and profound".


Arioso bottle