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Another unsurprising but jawdropping discovery when encountering the Saouma wines: Magis, Mounir’s white Chateauneuf  from the heavily limestone Pierredon vineyard in Bedarrides. Mounir must have a higher estimation of white Chateaneuf than almost anyone in the region. Only 3% of Chateauneuf is white, and virtually all of it is  bottled after 6 months. He traded a plot of Syrah, which he does not love in the Bedarrides area, for  this “lesser” white plot from which he had been purchasing grapes.

After a hard pressing into new 500 liter barrels, fermentation takes place, and the wine remains undisturbed for a minimum of 2 years, never racked and never sulfured. The composition of the wine is approximately 75% Grenache Blanc, 10% Clairette, 10% Roussanne and 5% Bourboulenc.  It's mystifying how this wine ehibits both suppleness and tension, and a piercing minerality that is unique among Chateauneuf whites we have experienced.

Magis bottle