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Crearo della Conca d'Oro

Veronese IGT

The grapes come from a single vineyard in the Sant’Ambrogio valley called Conca d’Oro, which translates to ‘golden shell’ in Italian, and is considered one of the estate’s most prized vineyards due to its hillside location and the presence of active limestone in the soils. Crearo della Conca d’Oro is a spicy, intense red blend made up of 50% Corvina Veronese, 15% Oseleta and 35% Cabernet Franc grapes which are dried for 30-40 days prior to pressing.  The wine then sees 6 months of aging in French oak barrels, followed by 12 months of maturation in 35 hl Slavonian oak casks.  Because of its varietal makeup and elevage, Crearo is a wine that represents a marriage of tradition and innovation.  Fruity on the nose, with rich, spicy black pepper notes, the wine is full-bodied, velvety and complex.  

Crearo della Conca d'Oro bottle