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Soave Le Volpare

The grapes are cultivalted in a flaking limesone loam soil on a single vineyard in Monteforte, a hillside area in the eastern part of the appellation which has long been regarded as the best source of Soave.  The soils here are considerably less fertile than the alluvial soils in the plains, and are characterized by decomposed volcanic rock that tends to produce bolder, more complex wines.  These soils,  a rigorous selection of clones placed in their most suited areas to produce low natural yields, and a perfect southwest-facing site produce Garganega grapes with unique characteristics.  The aromas are fresh, elegant and floral, characterized by hints of tropical fruit and juicy honeydew melon. Medium-bodied with a clean, crisp finish, it is a particularly delicious accompaniment to risotto, seafood, white meats and soups.

Soave Le Volpare bottle