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Prosecco Tenuta Filodora

Tenuta Filodora Prosecco is a brand new release from Tommasi, a standard bearer of the Amarone appellation and one of the most important quality producers in the Veneto. It was officially launched in April 2012 at the annual Vinitaly trade fair in Verona.

Tenuta Filodora consists of 37 acres located in the town of Miane, in the heart of the Prosecco DOCG area, about halfway between Valdobiaddene and Conegliano. A green hillside area only a few minutes from the town of Valdobbiadene, this is one of the most prestigious areas of the appellation. The vines average around 35 years of age, with much lower yields than are permitted in the region (about 9000 kh/ha vs. 13,000 kg/ha).
The estate gets its name from a short creek called Filodora that flows between Miane and the next small town, Follina. The Prosecco is vinified at a small cellar on the estate, and undergoes a second fermentation by the traditional Charmat method in the Tommasi cellars in Valpolicella. Tommasi has considerable experience producing sparkling wines, having done so for 20 years in the region of Custoza. Because the Prosecco is bottled outside the Prosecco-producing region, it is officially listed as a DOC, but all of the grapes come from a DOCG-designated area.


Prosecco Tenuta Filodora bottle