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25 November 2015 News

We’re excited to share coverage of Guigal Côtes du Rhône Rouge 2011 on Yahoo! News.  In the article, titled “Favorite and affordable fall wines,” writer Tracy Byrnes recommends Côtes du Rhône for “easy drinking wines that go great with food” and notes that Guigal’s Côtes du Rhône Rouge 2011 “retails for about $15 and can even stand up to your spicy nachos.”

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25 November 2015 News

Robb Report  highlights the Champagne Bollinger SPECTRE Crystal Set in the luxury publication’s holiday gift guide. As we await the print version of the publication, we wanted to share the online story, titled “80 Amazing Holiday Gifts: Wine.” The article features the SPECTRE Crystal Set as the perfect gift for wine collectors, James Bond super-fans and arbiters of taste and details the fine detail that went into crafting the 307 pieces, which for the lucky consumers, comes with a magnum of R.D. 1988.

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24 November 2015 News

F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal just came out with their 65 top-ranked spirits of 2015. Tesseron’s XO Tresor is #4! See below the text from the article.

“Spirit Journal, Inc. announces today in the just-released December 2015 edition of F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal the newsletter’s sixty-five top-ranked spirits of 2015. Each spirit earned the Spirit Journal’s highest score of five stars/Highest Recommendation.

Said Spirit Journal founding editor F. Paul Pacult, “These distillates are milestones for their category. Ranking such five-star excellence isn’t easy. Some, however, are so extraordinary, in particular the top ten, that we feel compelled to showcase them. 

4.) Tesseron Trésor Grande Champagne Cognac (France; Vintus LLC, Pleasantville, NY); 40% abv, $1,200. Blew us away for depicting how magnificent Grande Champagne Cognac can be and makes the strong case for terroir in Cognac.”

24 November 2015 News

Wine writer Charles Scicolone wrote a great piece on the evolution of Paleo Rosso after tasting a vertical of the wines with Cinzia Merli last month. In its early days, the wine was a blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon. It evolved into a pure expression of Cabernet Franc with the 2001 vintage.  Below is an excerpt.  Click here to read the full post!

“Cabernet Franc is usually seen as the ugly duckling of the family compared to Cabernet Sauvignon. It is greener, rougher, untamable, a difficult challenge to manage. In Bolgheri, Cabernet Franc is something thoroughly different. Its tannins are softer, it is extremely fruity and amazingly fresh, characteristics that help us make the best of every harvest”, said Cinzia Merli.

The decisive turn came in 2000: due to the exceptionally warm summer season, the winery was forced to add a higher amount of Cabernet Franc to the final blend to give the wine freshness and acidity. And it began to dawn on them that they were ready for the big leap: transforming Paleo Rosso into a 100% Cabernet Franc wine. They completely changed the wine’s structure while keeping its name and the winery’s signature style unchanged.”

23 November 2015 News

Munchies, the food and wine website and digital video channel of Vice Media, recently published an article by Rachel Signer titled “Tasting Communism in the Vineyards of Hungary”. Although the article focuses on challenges faced by Tokaji in the post-communist era, it is quite a positive  and powerful piece that highlights Disznoko and winemaker Laszlo Meszaros overcoming these difficulties. Click here to read the full article.

23 November 2015 News

Forbes featured Bollinger in an online article  entitled, “Beyond Bollinger: James Bond, Spectre, And the Evolution of Product Placement.” The article by Cathy Huyghe examines the subtly of product placement in the latest installment of 007 and identifies Bollinger as “the franchise’s repeat and long-standing Champagne partner since Live and Let Die with Roger Moore (1973)”. An excerpt is below.

“Spectre, the new James Bond film starring Daniel Craig, just spent its second consecutive weekend at the top of the box office charts, grossing more than $130 million overall.

That doesn’t come as such a surprise.

What does register as a surprise — for those of us keeping an eye out for such things — is the lack of splashy product placement when it comes to beverages like wine, beer, and spirits.”

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23 November 2015 News

MarketWatch featured Champagne Bollinger in the Sip column. The online story, “A James Bond-themed bubbly from Bollinger,” focuses on the SPECTRE Limited Edition release. The article ran on November 13, 2015.  See below for an excerpt!

“The back story: James Bond may be back on the big screen with the new “Spectre” release (which took in a very respectable $70.4 million in its opening last weekend). But for bubbly fans, the bigger news may be the latest release from the Bollinger house. Well, it’s news for both Bollinger and Bond fans — namely, the spy-worthy sparkler, which has been featured in most Bond films since “Live or Let Die” in 1973, has come out with a 007-themed bubbly. Essentially, the Spectre Limited Edition bottle takes the place of what would be Bollinger’s 2009 vintage release (in particularly good years, Champagne houses produce a vintage offering in addition to their standard sparkler).”

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23 November 2015 News

See below a fantastic piece published on Decanter this past Monday titled, “An interview with Philippe”.  Some great lines that get to the key points in the Guigal philosophy, such as: “You could say that Guigal is the most un-primeur wine producer in the world”.  Good reading on “the most competent, well-financed and deeply enracinated” producer in the region.

“Jefford on Monday: A chat with Philippe

It’s steep, La Mouline. The students and I looked down, through the reddening leaves of each individually staked vine in this little 1-ha vineyard, over each succeeding terrace wall, and finally over what appeared to be a leafy cliff edge which plunged straight down into the gardens, the swimming pools and the back yards of the village of Ampuis below. Philippe Guigal patiently answered our questions. Here’s what we learned.”

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23 November 2015 News, Videos

Ray Isle was on CNBC this past weekend and featured Guigal’s Cote du Rhone Rosé 2014 and Bollinger SPECTRE Limited Edition 2009.  Great comments on the Rosé, and he point out Special Cuvée as a beautiful alternative to SPECTRE, as well.

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20 November 2015 News

An article in Forbes by Nick Passmore profiles the world’s most expensive Rose Champagnes. Below is an excerpt on Bollinger’s La Grande Année Rosé 2004. Click here to read the full article!

Champagne Bollinger La Grande Année Rosé 2004 $210

62% Pinot Noir, 32 % Chardonnay, 6% red Pinot Noir

Bollinger is a highly unusual Champagne house. Firstly, it’s family owned, a big advantage when it comes to production, even if it means it doesn’t have the marketing resources of the big boys. Then 70% of its grapes come from its own vineyards, which gives it total control, from planting to harvest.

All this has helped the development of Bollinger’s distinctive house style: a high proportion of Pinot Noir, very low dosage, and full-bodied but very dry wines. Not to everybody’s taste, they’re extremely popular among the Brits (this one especially) who refer to them affectionately as Bolly.

The La Grande Année Rosé 2004 is a quintessential expression of the style. It’s their superb La Grande Année Brut with the addition of just 6% red Pinot Noir – unusually low – but so concentrated it not only adds the coppery hue but further ramps up the Pinot character.

The result is a dry wine so brimming with full-on power it should be drunk with a main course, even meat.”