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8 January 2018 News

Best Wine, Beer and Spirits Gifts Of 2017: Your Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Recently Champagne Bollinger and Ayala were featured in Forbes magazine. The author recommended Ayala’s Brut Majeur as a great champagne that “offers exceptional quality for the price.” Later in the article, the author also praised the Champagne Bollinger Rosé 2006 for its quality as well as its stylish limited edition metallic gift box.

Click here to read the article.

8 January 2018 News

Champagne Bollinger and Champagne Ayala were recently featured in an article titled “6 BOTTLES OF CHAMPAGNE PERFECT FOR ANY NEW YEAR’S PARTY” in LA Confidential and Gotham magazine. The magazines praised the Ayala Rosé No. 8 Brut for its “crispy, bright flavors with notes of berries, blackcurrant, and pear.” As for Champagne Bollinger’s La Grand Année 2007, the magazines said that “Bollinger’s prestige cuvée certainly lives up to the hype.”

Here are the individual reviews:

12.27.17 Gotham_Ayala

12.27.17 Gotham_Bollinger

12.27.17 LA Confidential_Ayala

12.27.17 LAConfidential_Bollinger


You can find the full article in LA Confidential here and the full article in Gotham here.

22nd November 2017 News

Both Ayala Brut Majeur Tins and Bollinger Rosé 2006 Special Limited Edition were recently featured in the Forbes Holiday Gift Guide. Writer Larry Olmsted calls Ayala “the best Champagne house many people have never heard of” and Brut Majeur a “distinctive gift that also happens to be delicious.” As for Bollinger Rosé 2006, he writes that it’s “available for gifting in a limited edition metallic gift box that says ‘wow.’”

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13 July 2017 News

Click here to see a nice mention of Ayala in a article on the trend of low-dosage Champagnes.

Ayala is noted as an OG dry Champagne producer whose Brut Nature is a reflection of both its history and its current au courant approach:

“In 1865, Edmond de Ayala, of the eponymous brand AYALA, enthralled British consumers by offering a Champagne with only 22 grams of residual sugar during a time when most houses dosed their wines with two to five times that amount…Ten years ago, Champagne AYALA, too, returned to its roots with the release of its nonvintage Brut Nature.”

Lots of cool-kid somms in this piece espousing the benefits of low dosage; let’s not forget that Ayala is the boutique Grand Marque!



30 March 2017 News, Videos

Get an inside look at Ayala by viewing this brand new video from the house!





21 February 2017 News

We are happy to share that featured Champagne Ayala in an article titled “Romance Your Valentine With These Enticing Valentine’s Day Themed Cocktails.” The website included Ayala Brut Nature as the liquor of choice for one of its Valentine’s Day inspired cocktails.

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19 August 2016 News

This morning wine writer and current NY Times-bestselling author Larry Olmsted, who joined us in France in June for Bollinger’s Wine Library launch, published a full feature story about Ayala on titled, “The Most Famous Champagne You Probably Never Heard Of.”

This article is a love letter to Ayala and covers a number of key points:
• The house’s long and impressive history coupled with an influx of energy, money, and modern technology by the Bollinger Family
• The boutique nature of the house in terms of small production and small team (13 full-time staff do everything)
• Ayala’s focus on quality and reputation for top-notch Blanc de Blancs

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18 December 2015 News

A full page spread in the first few pages of Decanter features Ayala’s Chouilly Grand Cru vineyard.  Text as follows: “Ayala, a house in the heart of the old Champagne capital of Aÿ, has had a tumultuous history.  After all the winery buildings were destroyed in the winemakers’ revolt of 1911, it recovered in the 1920s to produce more than a million bottles annually.  Following World War II many of its vineyards were sold, but then in 2005 Bollinger bought Ayala with the intention of restoring it to its former glory.  The grand cru vineyard pictured here, in the Côtes des Blancs village of Chouilly, is just under one hectare, made up of six plots.  The 40-year-old Chardonnay vines thrive in the belemnite chalk soil, which allows the roots to dig deeply for nutrients and retain moisture.  This prized limestone terroir contributes characteristic high acidity, freshness and intensity to the Chardonnay grapes, as well as a creamy delicacy to the wines.” See below!

14 October 2015 News

The Quarterly Review of Wines just released their 33rd Annual  tasting results.  30 Champagnes were tasted and 6 selected as the best Brut Non-Vintage, with both Ayala Brut Majeur and Bollinger Special Cuvée chosen.  Great comments on each Champagne, as you can see below.  Full article can be seen by clicking on the image.

Brut Non-Vintage

AYALA Brut, Ay, $50. One of the best buys in the market: chalky, with lemon, apple, and biscuit.

Bollinger Special Cuvee, Ay, $75. Apple, nectarine, with brioche notes, nutty with a classic, lingering finish.