1 March 2017 News

Fine Wine Magazine featured the long history of Champagne Bollinger and Royal Ascot in the article “Courses for Horses: Royal Ascot Fine Wining and Dining.” The piece highlights the complexity and versatility of the wines especially with food pairings. Katherine Houston, author, notes:

“Bollinger Special Cuvée is a highly original Non-Vintage Champagne, not least because the house uses reserve wines stored in magnum under cork, allowing the oxidative aging process to contribute to the distinctive house style. Bollinger devotes an enormous amount of cellar space — roughly one third of the total — to its reserve wine, some 700,000 containers, for five to 15 years, but has patiently persevered with this method since 1892. It is a huge investment of labor and space, but certainly worthwhile for the depth and complexity of the resulting wine.”

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21 February 2017 News

We are thrilled to share Food & Wine featured Champagne Bollinger in an article titled “6 Ultra-Blingy Champagnes for Valentine’s Day.” The story features the 2002 Bollinger R.D. Brut as one of the best vintage buys on the market – essentially also reinforcing the overall quality of the House as among the finest. See below for an excerpt.

“When it comes to Valentine’s Day, you’ve got a few options. One is to drink cheap beer in front of the TV by yourself, and wonder what you did to deserve such a miserable fate. That’s not so much fun; at the very least go out and look at the stars or something, and ponder the immensity of the universe, and consider the fact that God, after all, is single, too. Another, albeit somewhat more mundane course, is to drink something tasty with your significant other, maybe a glass or two of Prosecco, or some sweet wine with dessert. Nice enough; why not?”

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6 February 2017 News

Bollinger takes first place this year in Drinks International annual survey of World’s Most Admired Champagne Brands, beating out Krug, Louis Roederer, Pol Roger, and Billecart-Salmon, which make up the top five most admired sparklers. Check out the tremendous, almost gushing comments here!

30 January 2017 News

We’re happy to share an article on featuring Champagne Bollinger as one of the “ 18 Great Gifts to Give Her on Valentine’s Day.” The story praises Bollinger Rosé as one of the best gifts for women on Valentine’s and includes an image and brief description.

Please see here for the PDF version of the article and here for a link to the story.

6 January 2017 News

Craig LaBan of published a report on “8 great Champagnes for New Year’s.” Among them is Bollinger’s Special Cuvee. An excerpt is below. Click here to see the full article!

“When it comes to the big Champagne houses, Bollinger may be my favorite (especially for its pricier Grande Année vintages) because it embodies the gold-plated luxury of a rich, indulgent, mouth-filling toasty complex bubbly. Its nonvintage Special Cuvee is a nice compromise that’s still a splurge, with the tiniest of bubbles cascading across a deeply golden and yeasty wine that makes me think of ginger biscuits. A blend of pinot, chardonnay, and meunier, it also shows glints of red fruits, lime, marzipan, and nuts.”

23 December 2016 News, Videos

The Wine Spectator has posted the outstanding presentation Guy de Rivoire gave at the Wine Spectator New York Wine Experience this fall, and titled the video article: Bollinger Champagne: Pinot Noir Savoir Faire.

Guy featured R.D. 2002 and in general beautifully presents so much of what makes Bollinger special.

Click here to watch the video

16 December 2016 News

Pretty extraordinary when someone like Karen MacNeil writes the following:

“In a time when some Champagnes have grown dully commercial, family-owned Bollinger remains true to its own exquisite artisanal standards. Don’t miss this. “

Full piece, glowing here.

12 December 2016 News

See here for a fascinating article by Jancis Robinson on a recent major blind tasting by 50 top UK trade professionals of the prestige 2002 vintage Champagnes, one of the great vintages of the last few decades.

The single top wine of the tasting, ahead of Krug 2002, Selosse 2002, Cristal 2002 and ranked the best of the best: Bollinger R.D. 2002.

Not only that, but it was one of only a few Champagnes that outperformed (already high) expectations, as there was a tally of expected performance before the blind tasting which was compared to actual blind tasting performance (see graph at bottom).

2nd December 2016 News

Following Pierangelo’s meeting with Worth editor Ken Rivadeneira in New York, Ken included the Tommasi Ca’ Florian 2008 in Worth’s “Excellence in Luxury” holiday gift guide. The Ca’ Florian is featured on a two-page spread of other high-end wines, including Bollinger and E. Guigal Chateau d’Ampuis, alongside the quote “For four generations, Tommasi has been the leading producer of Amarone. Its Ca’ Florian 2008 is bright and full-bodied, with a balsamic essence that pairs well with braised meats.” This holiday gift guide ran both online and in the December/January print issue.

Click here to see the full list of Excellence in Luxury 2016.




2nd December 2016 News

We are pleased to share the Bloomberg Pursuits two-page spread on Champagne Bollinger in its Spend 2016 Issue. While a picture tells a thousand words, we think this headline will sell bottles:  “The Best Champagne on Earth.” The story highlights the harvest of VVF at the estate in France. Click here to read the PDF!