2nd December 2016 News

We are pleased to share the Bloomberg Pursuits two-page spread on Champagne Bollinger in its Spend 2016 Issue. While a picture tells a thousand words, we think this headline will sell bottles:  “The Best Champagne on Earth.” The story highlights the harvest of VVF at the estate in France. Click here to read the PDF!

19 July 2016 News, Videos

Check out AbFab’s Joanna Lumley on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon last night promoting the film, with a special (cuvee) guest.

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18 July 2016 News

Jancis Robinson revisits several 1996 Champagnes from Bollinger – see below for her notes from the tasting!

“And the weekend before last at a private dinner, for instance, I tasted two bottles of Bollinger Grande Année 1996 from the same case. The first was served blind and I guessed it was at least 10 years older, probably more. It was barely fizzy and had a severe shortage of fruit – the common fault in 1996s that have not aged gracefully. But a second bottle was much, much fresher and zestier, even though it still finished a little dry. My tasting note ended ‘better than some of the most austere 1996s but not glorious’. (This sort of bottle variation is, alas, all too common in wines both still and sparkling. The reason could be a difference in cork quality, or in how each bottle was stored before being packed in the case.)

On the other hand, BI’s tasting included a magnum of Bollinger 1996 disgorged (separated from the sediment of the second fermentation in bottle) much more recently than these standard-release Bollinger 1996s would have been disgorged. This Bollinger RD 1996, RD standing for recently disgorged, was not disgorged until September 2013 and is sold at a premium (£540 a magnum in bond from BI). This was a much more intense and glorious wine whose density seemed better able to compensate for all that acidity than the earlier-disgorged examples.

Bollinger, RD Extra Brut 1996
£540 a magnum in bond from BI”

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18 July 2016 News

Check out this great press coverage for Bollinger and “Absolutely Fabulous: the Movie” in the Tampa Bay Times. It opens nationally on Friday!

“Any fan of Absolutely Fabulous will recognize that war cry. The BBC comedy series, which ran from 1992 to 2004, starred Jennifer Saunders as London PR agency owner Edina Monsoon and Joanna Lumley as magazine editor Patsy Stone. The pair are enthusiastic party girls and dedicated followers of fashion who simply refuse to age out of their passions (or their miniskirts).

AbFab’s over-the-top humor and Eddy’s and Patsy’s exuberantly overindulgent lifestyle (not to mention Saunders’ brilliant writing) made it one of my favorite TV sitcoms ever. And now it’s back: Absolutely Fabulous the Movie opens Friday, with Eddy, Patsy and the whole gang back with a bang.”

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15 July 2016 News

Jancis Robinson wrote a piece on Bollinger’s recent opening of Gallery 1829, its collection of library vintages. Below is an excerpt.

“Although they are masters of glamorous on-screen product placement (think James Bond and Ab Fab), Bollinger have always seemed a little less theatrical than some champagne houses. But a tasting last month at their home in Aÿ was the stage for a spectacular unveiling of some gloriously mature vintages discovered during an…”

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15 July 2016 News

Wine writer Dave McIntyre in the Washington Post this week—a “love letter” to Champagne Bollinger that describes the new Galerie 1829 and La Réserve (together, the “Wine Library”) specifically, as well as Bollinger generally. Below is an excerpt.

“Why a Bollinger champagne, c. 1914, tastes especially sweet

AY, FRANCE The Bollinger champagne house sits on a bluff above the French village of Ay, just east of Épernay. Ay is a sleepy little town that boasts more mileage in its underground cellars than on its cobblestone streets. You descend 49 uneven steps to enter the cellars, which are modest compared with those of some champagne houses. But it would be easy to get lost down there. The dimly lighted brick-lined tunnels extend for more than 3½ miles, stacked with thousands of bottles, magnums and Jeroboams of champagne, each a time capsule of a vintage past and an invitation to a celebration to come.”

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14 July 2016 News, Videos

Check out this beautiful new video from Bollinger (2 minutes, 50 seconds), specifically about the crafts of their tonnelier (cooper)and remueur (riddler)—the painstaking, time-consuming work these true artisans do is mind-boggling.

17 June 2016 News

In the July 2016 issue of Decanter Magazine, a feature story rather predictably titled “Champagne: why size matters” enumerates the reasons that large format is the best way to experience great Champagnes.

And which Champagne do they use to illustrate the formats of Champagne?

Bollinger R.D. 2002, of course.

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17 June 2016 News

Bollinger Special Cuvée was the exclusive Champagne of the Tony Awards VIP after party at the Baccarat Hotel in NYC on Sunday night—and there was a ton of great press from it, including this priceless Bollinger bathtub shot on

24 May 2016 News

During this intense week of focus on Bollinger, we’re thrilled to share a Forbes piece just released titled, “Women In Wine: The Grand Dames Of Champagne”. The piece highlights women in the wine world following Mother’s Day. Dame Lily Bollinger is featured first and her famous quote is the star of the story! See below for an excerpt.

“Dame Lily—also known as Bolly—was more than just a well-traveled ambassador for this prestigious brand. In 1941, after her husband Jacques Bollinger passed away, Dame Lily assumed control of the company. She was often seen cycling through the vineyards checking on the vines, quizzing growers about their families, and checking on the health of the vintage. She left little to chance as a businesswoman but she never forgot the essential truth of Champagne—enjoyment. She is famously quoted as saying: “I drink it when I’m happy and when I’m sad. Sometimes I drink it when I’m alone. When I have company, I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I’m not hungry and drink it when I am. Otherwise, I never touch it—-unless I’m thirsty.”

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