1 February 2016 News

There are fantastic features on Champagne Bollinger and Brewer-Clifton in the just-released Wine Spectator – the cover story is about the WS editor’s favorite picks.

Bollinger Special Cuvée is front and center in the article’s two page opening spread and Bruce Sanderson names it his Critic’s Choice, writing: “I love Champagne, and this is one of my go-to bottles for its rich, complex flavors and mouthfeel. Consistently one of the best non-vintage cuvées, it’s a full-bodied, vinous style courtesy of the high percentage of Pinot Noir (60%) in the blend, partial barrel fermentation of the base wine, and reserve wines of up to 15 years of age.”

Then one of Brewer-Clifton’s 2013 single vineyard Pinot Noirs is selected as one of just three American Pinot Noirs over $50. The Spectator notes: “It’s been more than 20 years since Greg Brewer and Steve Clifton began their quest. They’ve been on a roll of late, making our Top 10 in 2014.”

19 January 2016 News, Videos

See our very own Cyril Delarue toasting with the Champagne of James Bond with Maria Bartiromo on Fox!

Click here to watch the video

11 January 2016 News, Videos

Cyril Delarue, the U.S. Commercial Director for Bollinger, was on Fox News last week toasting with the Champagne of James Bond with Maria Bartiromo on Fox! Click here to watch the segment!

11 January 2016 News

Ray Isle’s piece in Food & Wine has a fantastic title: “Why You Should Keep Drinking Champagne after New Year’s”, and the humorous back story as to why Bollinger did not produce a non-vintage Rosé until 2007. Click here to read the piece.

On the flashier side, Vogue featured Bollinger Rosé in their Best Sparkly Accessories for New Year’s Eve – see here!


4 January 2016 News

Click on the image to see a beautiful video on Bollinger’s 2015 harvest, just anointed on James Suckling’s site as the #3 harvest video of the year!

18 December 2015 News

Special Cuvée appeared on The Today Show last weekend, in the context of holiday gifts that everyone loves. Amazing. We’ve create a sell sheet, attached. Click here to watch the segment!

18 December 2015 News

Karen MacNeil, author of The Wine Bible, gives a terrific review to SPECTRE, but even better, has this amazing statement: “If there’s a brand of Champagne you’d want to drink over and over again, it’s Bollinger. In my recent blind tastings, Bollinger Champagnes have come out on top by a wide margin.”

Click here for the full review.

18 December 2015 News

Decanter’s Richard Juhlin has, for the past few years, had the task of selecting top champagnes for an in-depth tasting and analysis. This year, he compares Champagne vintages: 2000 vs 2002. “The architecture of the 2000s is rounder and softer…The 2002s have balance and vigour along with a multi-layered backbone of bold minerality and high acidity.” Says Juhlin, with his top 2002 Champagne pick being Bollinger’s 2002 R.D.

14 December 2015 News

The Robb Report has a great piece on Bollinger’s new Crystal Set in its Holiday extravaganza issue. Click here to view!

14 December 2015 News

The Sacramento Bee ran a piece on an MS seminar on Champagne.  Below is an excerpt, click here to read the full piece!

“Another precious “NM,” the Bollinger shows why the brand long has been James Bond’s favored bubbly – it’s mature, steely and powerful, with a quiet complexity and agile moves.