27 March 2013 News

Markus Del Monego and Andreas Larsson, Best Sommeliers of the World in 1998 and 2007, respectively, released  their top picks for 2009 and 2010 Bordeaux from a blind tasting they held of over 360 wines.

Chateau La Fleur-Pétrus has an incredible showing, with the 2010 placing as the #5 wine (97 Points) and the 2009 placing as the #13 wine (95 Points).  Click here to see the full article, and below to see the reviews for LFP.

 2010 Vintage:

“Clear, dark, ruby colour. Still youthful on the nose with fine purity, a mineral notion, dark plum, chocolate and floral notes. The palate is dense and concentrated without heaviness, very elegant dark fruit, well integrated oak, a  gentle toastiness and magnificent quality of tannin. Superbly long and powerful finish; a remarkable wine with a great potential; still in its infancy, but doubtlessly potent.” 97 Points Andreas Larsson

“Dark, purple red with violet hue and black centre. Nose quite open with opulent aromas, elegant spices and almost balmy fruit. On the palate excellent length, great finesse and complex character.” 97 Points Markus Del Monego

2009 Vintage

“Dark, ruby red; rather discreet nose, well settled oak, earthy and dark fruity with some vanilla and fine spices. Very dense and structured, lush fruit kept back by fine silky tannins, very good length; good depth and harmony; still young, but should develop really well; discreet elegance.” 95 Points Andreas Larsson

“Dark, purple red with violet hue. Very elegant style, vanilla and butterscotch, dark berries and mild spices. On the palate well structured, elegant with excellent length freshness. A wine with its own class.” 95 Points Markus Del Monego

9 January 2012 News

In the Wine Enthusiast February 2012 issue the Moueix wines scored tremendous reviews, with Chateau La-Fleur Petrus finishing as the top Pomerol and Chateau Providence sharing the third best score.


21 November 2011 News

Neal Martin describes the Chateau La Fleur-Petrus wines as mesmerizing on  Martin also notes that the La Fleur-Petrus performed admirably in the difficult 2007 vintage, giving it 93 points. Enjoy his tasting notes below:







2007 Chateau La Fleur-Petrus 93
Tasted blind at the 2007 Bordeaux horizontal in Southwold. A real surprise, this. What a great off-vintage Pomerol from perhaps one of the most underrated addresses. The nose demands a lot of coaxing from the glass: introverted and broody, with blackberry, charcoal, a hint of wild heather and peat. The palate is very well balanced, quite powerful with layers of ripe dark-berried fruits laced with cooked meat, spice, white pepper and a little sage. Firm grip on the finish that tingles enticingly long after the wine has departed. Serious quality for the vintage. Tasted January 2011.”


Click here to read the full article. (Subscription only)

20 October 2011 News

The Wine Spectator has named Christian Moueix its 2011 Distinguished Service Award Winner.  Christian is featured in a piece entitled, “The Right Bank’s Quiet Champion” in the current Wine Spectator, and will be honored at the Wine Spectator’s New York Wine Experience Gala Dinner on Saturday, October 22nd (where Chateau La Fleur-Petrus 2005 will be the wine served).

Congratulations to Christian for this deserved recognition.

You can read the piece by clicking on the picture below.

3 August 2011 News

We just saw this posted on the Decanter website, and look forward to reading the whole piece.  The Moueix family have been great supporters of all of Bordeaux, and been increasingly concerned for the region as a whole.


9 May 2011 News

Chateaux La Fleur Petrus and La Providence both received terrific ratings from Robert Parker in the just-released issue of the Wine Advocate.

The issue focuses in large part on the 2010 vintage in Bordeaux – a vintage which, according to Parker, may just as  sensational as 2009: “It is an inescapable truth that 2010 has produced another year of compelling Bordeaux that will go down as a prodigious vintage alongside 2009. Take your pick – this news is either tragic or mythical, but I have tasted enough wines from 2005, 2009 and 2010 to realize that these may be the three greatest Bordeaux vintages I have tasted in my career.”

Here is what Parker had to say on these two extraordinary wines, both owned and run by winemaker Cristian Moueix:

2010 La Fleur Petrus: “This is an incredible effort from this 35-acre vineyard (almost the identical size as Petrus). I had visited the 2010 Petrus about an hour before I had La Fleur Petrus. I was dumbfounded – it appeared to have a character nearly identical to the great Petrus! The fabulous 2010 La Fleur Petrus boasts a dense purple color in addition to a big, sweet perfume of mocha-infused black raspberry and black cherry fruit that is extravagantly rich, textured and long. Super-pure, deep and full-bodied, this remarkable wine will be one for the history books. The tannins are elevated, but the depth of fruit and richness are amazing. For those who will never be able to afford a bottle of Petrus, this is about as close as one can get to the aromas and flavors of that mythical wine.” 95-98 points – Robert Parker

2010 La Providence: Resurrected by Christian Moueix, Providence is made in a muscular, macho style with considerable minerality as well as dense plum, blackberry and black currant fruit, a formidable quantity of tannin and stunning depth and richness. The classic 2010 is similar in style and personality to that of the great Moueix estate of Chateau Trotanoy.” 92-94+ – Robert Parker

La Fleur Petrus

La Providence

13 April 2011 News

Wine Spectator critic James Molesworth recently published his notes on the 2010 Bordeaux Barrel Tastings, giving several of the best scores on the Right Bank to wines produced and represented by world famous winemaker Christian Moueix. Here are a few of his notes:

The Château La Fleur-Pétrus Pomerol 2010 is creamy and lush, with layers of red, black and purple fruits. It shows muscle on the finish, but the fruit is here in spades, with terrific polish. It’s a great combination of power and freshness and reminds me of the ’98, but with more polish (96-99 points).

The Providence Pomerol 2010 is sleek, with a beautiful beam of red licorice and cassis. Long and supple, with dense structure but thoroughly integrated. It has lots in reserve, with lots of spice too (94-97 points).

The Château La Serre St.-Emilion 2010 is superfresh, with racy red licorice and cassis. It shows bright acidity and a very sleek finish. Sourced from parcels on the limestone plateau above the town, near Trottevieille and Troplong-Mondot, it’s a fine introduction to the minerally side of the appellation (92-95 points).

Moueix’ take on the 2010 vintage vs 2009:

“2010 is a very different year. The acidity is higher. With the dry summer, there was a blockage in maturity and the alcohol and acidity was higher. So the vintage won’t be as charming as ’09 was early on, and they will probably last a little longer. ’09 was so amazing right from the beginning, a blend of ’82, ’89 and ’90. But ’10 is still a bit austere and it will take some time to define itself.”

See more notes on Molesworth’s tasting with Christian Moueix here.

15 December 2010 News, Videos

James Molesworth of the Wine Spectator is in Bordeaux tasting the 2008 and 2009 vintages, and spent a day in Pomerol with the master of the region, Christian Moueix, and his son Edouard. In a wide-ranging interview, there are great mentions of Château Providence and Château La Fleur-Pétrus, along with a superb video of Christian Moueix at Château Providence explaining how he prunes his vines.

The tour continued at Providence, back in Pomerol, where the small, efficient cellar has both cement and stainless steels vats.

“I love the cement vats for their temperature inertia,” said Moueix. “I am a bit old school. But they are large so it’s hard to do smaller parcel selections in them, and we are going more and more that way as we look for precision. The stainless steel tanks give us that flexibility.”

Precision is now the buzzword around Bordeaux. It’s what all the vignerons say they are striving for in their wine, the way Rhône vignerons talk of minerality for example. In Bordeaux, it’s popular to tout the latest technological toy—an optical sorter for example—as the châteaus try to leapfrog each other in pursuit of the precision.

“I am looking for precision,” said Moueix, when I press him on the issue. At what point does human control of the winemaking process become too much? Can you eliminate complexity by searching for an unattainable goal of perfect precision?

“It’s true, we have become maniacs with selection. I agree at some point it could be too much. This is a question we have to ask ourselves,” said Christian, before turning to Edouard.

“You’re right,” said Edouard. “There is the old school and then there is technology. They can work together if you ask yourself first, before you try something new, ‘Who am I?’. If you can answer yourself that question, then you can move forward.”

Molesworth singles out the Providence 2009 as one of Moueix’s top-flight wines, along with the 2009 La Fleur-Pétrus, both VINTUS US exclusives.

Château Providence 2009
The Providence Pomerol 2009 is super lush, but refined at the same time, with raspberry, cherry compote and red licorice. It stays pure and driven and has latent power but this is about finesse, even in a grippy vintage like ’09.”

Château Lafleur-Pétrus 2009
“The Château La Fleur-Pétrus Pomerol 2009 (Merlot with 10 percent Cabernet Franc) is very tight today and showing its wood too, with a briar note on the edges of the dark raspberry, blackberry and cherry compote notes. It has a long, spice- and tobacco-filled finish and is showing lots of range and plenty of grip too.”

1 June 2010 News

“The best vintage of my lifetime.” That’s how Decanter’s Steven Spurrier describes the 2009 vintage in Bordeaux. Spurrier and colleagues James Lawther, MW, and Michel Bettane, have high praise across all appellations. Most astounding is a perfect score, 20 out of 20 points, awarded to Château Margaux, the highest rated wine of the vintage! Full reviews are below, and you can track Decanter’s coverage here.


Château Pétrus 2009, Pomerol
“A powerful tannic frame provides the structure, length and classicism of a grand Bordeaux but there’s also a modern purity and freshness of fruit. Winemaker Olivier Berrouet harvested slightly later, at the beginning of October, to guarantee maturity. Dense, complex and profound.” 19/20 Decanter

Château La Fleur-Pétrus 2009, Pomerol
“Fine, fragrant. Seduces by its elegance. Silky, smooth tannins provide length and persistence. Ripe and warm but balanced.” 17.5/20 Decanter


Château Margaux 2009. Margaux
“Fine black red, quite magical bouquet, pure quality of cashmere silkiness on the palate with a touch of fragrance from Cabernet Franc, blending softness of attack with pure density. A wine of stunning fragrance and purity, the most perfect expression imaginable of the greatest of Margaux vineyards.” 20/20 Decanter

Pavillion Rouge 2009, Margaux
“Fine deep colour, great purity of Cabernet on the nose, a really beautiful wine, pure Margaux, perfect balance and unexpected length.” 18/20 Decanter

Pavillon Blanc 2009, Margaux
“Lemon pale, fresh and floral, much lighter in alcohol than in recent years and what it has lost in richness it has gained in minerality, both floral and steely and will age well.” 18/20 Decanter

Saint Estèphe

Chateau Cos d’Estournel 2009, Saint-Estèphe
“Superb black red, very full and spicy, very broadly structured, really quite massive and will take years to pick up finesse, a ‘baroque’ almost Porty wine, explosively rich and definitely impressive if not a typical Saint-Estèphe.” 18.5/20 Decanter

28 April 2010 News

“2009 may turn out to be the finest vintage I have tasted in 32 years of covering Bordeaux.” That’s quite a statement coming from Robert Parker, but it solidifies the general consensus that is brewing among the wine press and trade. The 2009 Bordeaux vintage was one of the greatest on record, and gave many properties their best wines ever (these wines are denoted with an asterisk, “*”). Among the standouts were, of course, Châteaux Pétrus, Margaux, and Cos d’Estournel, but also Château La Fleur-Pétrus, a VINTUS exclusive, “a mind-boggling effort.” Full reviews are below the jump.

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