18 July 2014 News, Videos

Check out this great video of Chateau Montelena’s new winemaker Matt Crafton explaining their work with Fish Friendly Farming to improve their stretch of the Napa River.

17 June 2014 News

Chateau Montelena Winery announced the promotion of Matthew Crafton from assistant winemaker to winemaker. Crafton will continue to work under the guidance of Chateau Montelena’s CEO and master winemaker Bo Barrett with the support of vineyard manager Dave Vella. Click here to read more about Matt in an article from Wine and here for an article that appeared today in the Weekly Calistogan.

21 April 2014 News

Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen give readers some great pairing options that will make you “rethink wines at the raw bar”. DeSimone and Jenssen say “Sure, the safe choice is a crisp Chardonnay or a bottle of bubbly. But there are many other whites – and even a few reds and rosés – that can elevate and add even more nuance to the flavors on your packed plate.” Their top choice for ceviche is Chateau Montelena’s 2012 Potter Valley Riesling! Click below to see the more pairings.

16 April 2014 News

Wine blog, The Gray Report, writes that although the Oakland Athletics Coliseum may not have the most amazing food to offer, “the A’s have better wines by the glass… than 90% of the restaurants in America”. The blog post is titled “Oakland Athletics create best sports stadium wine list ever”, and a favorite seems to be the Chateau Montelena Cabernet Sauvignon! Click here to read the whole post.

7 February 2014 News

A little piece put out today by the Drinks Business, Bo Barrett stirring up trouble in London.  Barrett gives his thoughts on the overuse of new oak. Click here to read the full article.

7 February 2014 News

The Weekly Calistogan published an article featuring Chateau Montelena and their commitment to staying green. Click here to read the many ways Chateau Montelena takes initiative in being Napa Green Certified.


9 December 2013 News

Chateau Montelena’s Napa Valley 2011 Chardonnay was recommended on the Top 10 Wines in the U.S. Press list for Their recommendation comes from Irene Virbila at the L.A. Times. Virbila writes, “This is an elegant Napa Valley Chardonnay from Chateau Montelena, very much still in the style that won the famous Paris Tasting of 1976 and launched California Chardonnay onto the world wine scene. Silky on the palate, the 2011 as aromas of pear, citrus and honeysuckle. A bright acidity and a discrete touch of oak gives the ripe fruit flavors a lift. A wine to savor. This would be a great bottle to take to a holiday dinner with people who would appreciate its finesse. It shows best with shellfish or fish in sauce — coquilles St. Jacques, lobster with drawn butter or Dungeness crab, but also a simple roast chicken.” Click here to see the full list.

18 November 2013 News

A great interview with Chateau Montelena’s Bo Barrett on the Winesearcher site. As usual, heartfelt with no punches pulled, click here to read the full interview.

15 November 2013 News published an article sharing that Chateau Montelena’s 1973 Chardonnay, the victorious wine of the 1976 Judgment of Paris tasting, has been listed in “101 Objects That Made America”, by the Smithsonian Institution.”It wasn’t until ’76, after the Paris tasting, that anyone realized what we were doing out here,” Barrett told Wine-Searcher. “Being on the list is pretty cool. It’s a remarkable compliment, being included alongside things like Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit.” Click here to read the full piece.

6 September 2013 News

Chateau Montelena is featured in an article on the homepage of in the Food section entitled “Chateau Montelena: Wine and Time”. Author George Yatchisin writes about Montelena’s beautiful estate, “It’s one of the most gorgeous wineries in Napa”. Yatchisin also gives the historic background of the Montelena Chardonnay that took the top prize for whites at the 1976 Judgment of Paris blind tasting. The winery is not only known for the 1976 blind tasting and for its historic estate but also for making one of the most age-worthy Cabernet Sauvignons in California. Yatchisin writes, “Recently I had the pleasure of enjoying a bottle of 1991 Chateau Montelena Cabernet Sauvignon. It was the first expensive bottle of wine I ever bought, perhaps almost $40 back in 1995 (that seemed like a fortune at the time), and I had stored it ever since, assuming there would be a right time, a right steak (come to think of it, I was a pescatarian when I bought it). I would not want to begin to count the bottles of wine I’ve purchased/consumed since then, as the Montelena bided its time. Perhaps it felt it was waiting for me, too.” To read more about his experience with Montelena’s 1991 Cabernet and the full article click here.