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13 December 2016 News


We’re happy to share some tremendous Tesseron press coverage in Bloomberg Businessweek, the highly circulated, national weekly business magazine. Writer Jim Clarke, who Alfred met during his initial media tour in NYC, included Tesseron XO Passion in a cognac feature called “Beyond Hennessy,” suggesting readers get fancy with cognac.

Of Tesseron XO Passion, Jim says:

“VSOP? Please – Tesseron doesn’t bother selling anything younger than an XO. This one’s a blend of 30 eaux de vie, resulting in a spicy, floral spirit.”

Click here to see the article!

24 November 2015 News

F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal just came out with their 65 top-ranked spirits of 2015. Tesseron’s XO Tresor is #4! See below the text from the article.

“Spirit Journal, Inc. announces today in the just-released December 2015 edition of F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal the newsletter’s sixty-five top-ranked spirits of 2015. Each spirit earned the Spirit Journal’s highest score of five stars/Highest Recommendation.

Said Spirit Journal founding editor F. Paul Pacult, “These distillates are milestones for their category. Ranking such five-star excellence isn’t easy. Some, however, are so extraordinary, in particular the top ten, that we feel compelled to showcase them. 

4.) Tesseron Trésor Grande Champagne Cognac (France; Vintus LLC, Pleasantville, NY); 40% abv, $1,200. Blew us away for depicting how magnificent Grande Champagne Cognac can be and makes the strong case for terroir in Cognac.”

29 July 2015 News, Videos

Noé Tesseron, Alfred Tesseron’s son, spent 2 weeks in New York working the streets with our distributor and then the last 2 weeks in the VINTUS office, where he mapped out and then worked with Simone and Kim to develop the video overview of Tesseron Cognac you can click on below.  Some great key points on the region, distillation, and aging of cognac, details on the Lots, and background on the Signature Collection and Royal Blend.


23 April 2015 News

Here we are, a summary of all the extraordinary Tesseron press over the last 6 months.  Click here!



2nd April 2015 News

CasaLife Magazine, the Dominican Republic´s leading high-end, English language magazine, recently showcased Tesseron Cognac.  Enriched with photography of the estate, vineyards and cellars, the piece tells the story of Tesseron and the recent introduction of The Signature Collection and Royal Blend decanters.  The magazine concludes that with Tesseron, “There is nothing better to crown a festive celebration or friendly gatherings!”

Highlights of the Tesseron Signature Collection bottles are included below:

  • XO Passion: “an assemblage of 30 separate eaux de vie, each aged more than ten years and selected for their elegance, lightness, and very floral quality.”
  • Extra Legend: “a marriage of the finest reserves of Grande Champagne from 50 separate eaux die vie, each aged for a generation.  It boasts of a beautiful maturity with fruity notes and a smooth, velvety finish.”
  • Tresor: “a blend of more than 100 separate Eaux-de-vie, and aged more than two generations in the renowned Tesseron family’s “Paradis” cellars.  It has a rich, bold character that also displays tremendous finesse.”
  • Royal Blend: “this is a selection of fifty distinct Grande Champagne blends from Ugni Blanc and Colombard grapes, all aged for more than two generations.  Lively and vivid with exceptional fruity and floral characteristics, one sip transports you to the harvest in Cognac.”

The full piece can be downloaded by following this link.

13 March 2015 News

Bennett Alexander of Fox News recently conducted an interview and cognac tasting with Michael Ploetz, the Director of Food and Beverage at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills.  Mr. Ploetz shared some of the hotel’s extremely rare offerings from its “Remarkable Spirits” menu, which features, in the words of Mr. Ploetz, “bottles that you can’t get anywhere else.”  Alongside other prized cognacs are some of Tesseron’s offerings.  Mr. Alexander writes,  “The Tesseron Extreme, Ploetz explained, is his favorite of those he’s sampled because it has a nuttiness and oakiness that evoke Spanish brandies.  I found it started smoothly and gained strength as it played on the palate, finally finishing softly, but lingering.”

The complete article can be found here.


5 February 2015 Feature, News, Videos

Bloomberg TV, one of the premier business TV channels, aired a segment with our President and CEO, Michael Quinttus, yesterday during their early evening show Taking Stock with Pimm Fox. The segment was teased by host Pimm Fox as “Drinkable history up next!” before the commercial break, after which the almost 4 minute segment aired in which Michael discusses the growing market for luxury cognac. The segment, Sipping Success, highlights Tesseron Cognac as an unique producer of high-end cognacs within the category, illustrated by the recently introduced Signature Collection cognacs. Viewers are treated to imagery of the XO Passion, Extra Legende and Tresor decanters, as well as of the Tesseron family-owned vineyards and cellars, when Michael talks about the elaboration of Tesseron’s fine cognacs. You can watch the segment here on the Bloomberg TV website.You can also download the segment via this link.

22nd January 2015 News

Jack Bettridge of Cigar Aficionado does a detailed review of  the three Signature Collection cognacs in an article on the magazine’s website, titled “Three Tesseron Cognacs for Your Cigar.” Jack’s article starts with recounting the Tesseron family’s history from 1905 to 2003, when Alfred Tesseron made the decision to sell his family’s cognacs under the Tesseron name. Announcing the Signature Collection, each elaboration receives a detailed and very positive review. Jack concludes the article with a cigar recommendation describing the pairing with each expression. He leaves his readers with his final impression after experiencing Tesseron Cognac Tresor with the cigar: “A bang-up ending to a bang-up evening.”

The full piece can be found here.

22nd January 2015 News

Tesseron Cognac is the sole Cognac House featured in the latest post from Katie Kelly Bell, titled, Best Fireside Sips For Winter: Cognac, Armagnac And Whiskey. Katy frames the highly favorable reviews against the Tesseron family’s longstanding history of producing cognacs, and the decision to sell the cognacs under the family name. In praise of the elaborations, she notes, “I am quite partial to the Tesseron Royal Blend bottling, an exquisite release—available for the first time ever in the company history; it’s comprised of Cognacs spanning two generations. But if you don’t have $1,500 to spare, you’ll still be pleased with the Tesseron XO Passion Cognac ($300). Nutty and rich with threads of spice and dried fruits, a blend of over 30 different Cognacs that have been aged for over 10 years.”


The full article can be found here.