16 January 2015 News, a widely read national lifestyle website, wrote a detailed profile on Tesseron Cognac in time for last minute holiday gifting. The opening paragraph frames the story by noting that “When it comes to gifts of a top-shelf nature, Tesseron Cognac is the brand to look at.” Writer Steven Ruygrok offers a brief overview on Cognac itself before providing detailed reviews of the Signature Collection elaborations and Royal Blend.

You can read the full story here!

16 January 2015 News

Yachting Times, the only bilingual luxury boating and yachting lifestyle magazine in America, included Tesseron Cognac’s Royal Blend in its new winter edition. Royal Blend was selected as one of the few high-end spirits for the story highlighting “wintertime must-haves that fit the bill for vigorous exploits or simple personal pleasures.”

You can read the digital edition of the magazine here!

14 January 2015 News

The Tesseron press continues into the new year – click on the image to see an article that was published New Year’s Eve on Forbes titled “15 Bottles to Drink in 2015, From $20 to $3,500”.  Tesseron Cognac XO Tresor is the #3 Bottle included with the awesome lead: “If you don’t know the name Tesseron, commit it to your memory (and bar) immediately.”  



22nd December 2014 News

The Daily Meal published an article titled “Tesseron: Rare Cognacs from a Rare Family”. Writer Roger Morris introduces the Tesseron family by noting, “it is rare in the world of wine and spirits that the same family owns a top-rated château in Bordeaux as well as a maison producing top-shelf Cognac.” He then offers an overview of both estates, speaks to Alfred and Melanie Tesseron’s involvement as 3rd and 4th generation guardians of the family estate, and talks about his personal experiences with Alfred. Roger then addresses The Signature Collection, stating “during this holiday season, a bottle of Tesseron Cognac makes a superb gift for a treasured friend or an even better gift for oneself to enjoy over many a long winter’s evening,” in addition to providing his tasting notes on the three elaborations.

The complete article can be read here.

22nd December 2014 News

Tesseron Cognac Royal Blend is featured in the January issue of Luxury Magazine, the exclusive lifestyle magazine for Black Card Visa holders. Royal Blend is the only spirit recommended in the “Cozy Up, Warming Wonders to Ward Off Winter’s Chill” story, which notes that the elaboration is limited to 1,000 bottles. The beautifully laid-out story is a compilation of the most luxe, covetable design, home décor and furniture pieces to enjoy throughout the winter months.


19 December 2014 News

South Florida luxury glossy magazine, Ocean Drive, featured Tesseron Cognac’s Royal Blend in its online gift guide, titled “6 Bottles to Impress Who’s Left on Your Holiday List.” Ocean Drive covers the most exclusive, high-end products that appeal to the publication’s discerning audience. The writer acknowledges that “this top-of-the-line cognac” is perfect for the collector in your life, and includes as a retail account to purchase.

The full story can be found here.

19 December 2014 News, part of The Wall Street Journal Digital Network, published its Weekend Sip column highlighting “gift-worthy bottles of liquor and wine deserving of a spot under your Christmas tree.” In the story titled “The 12 Bottles of Christmas,” writer Charles Passy notes that Tesseron Cognac has come out with four new bottlings, The Signature Collection and Royal Blend, noting “All are delicate offerings aimed at the serious sipper.”

The full story can be read here.


19 December 2014 News

Luxury lifestyle magazine Connecticut Cottages & Gardens included Tesseron Cognac XO Passion in their annual holiday gift guide, in the “’Tis the Season for Making Merry” section. The publication states, “Tesseron’s Passion XO Cognac is aged for more than 10 years and selected for elegance, lightness and a very floral quality.”

You can find the entire gift guide here!


9 December 2014 News

Hearst Design Group included the Tesseron Cognac Signature Collection in its three luxury home design publications, Elle Décor, House Beautiful and Veranda. Within an online gift guide story highlighting this season’s most beautiful holiday spirits offers, the slideshow includes a prominent photo of The Signature Collection, along with pricing information for all three bottlings and listing for more information.

You can view the whole slideshow here!


9 December 2014 News

The luxury-focused lifestyle website, JustLuxe, prominently featured Tesseron Cognac Royal Blend as a rare and exquisite Cognac to obtain in time for the holidays. The story quotes Alfred Tesseron on the elaboration’s origins, and is described as carrying “a bright, floral and fruity taste profile, and is limited to only 1,000 bottles.

You can read the full write-up here!