5 December 2014 News

The national luxury magazine Town & Country has included Tesseron Tresor cognac in it’s online guide, “22 Men’s Gift Ideas.”  The stunning bottle is front and center, and a link is provided for more information on the spirit and how to order it.

You can read the full list here.

5 December 2014 News

Rafi Kohan of the New York Observer showcased Tesseron’s Extra Légende in his gift guide for the holiday season.  The cognac, produced in the Grand Champagne region and aged for at least 25 years, the Extra Légende is Tesseron’s middle rung cognac.  Nevertheless, Mr. Kohan writes that the spirit “is deep and rich and will make you question everything you thought you knew about brandy.”

A fuller look at the Extra Légende and the rest of the holiday guide can be found here.

5 December 2014 News

Essential Homme, an upscale fashion-focused national glossy with a male-dominated readership, included Tesseron Cognac Trésor in its online gift guide. The digital gift guide highlights a range of covetable products – ranging from Louis Vuitton luggage, Gucci shoes and high-end jewelry to Saint Laurent jackets. Appropriately described as “liquid luxury,” the write up of Trésor (or as the writer says “precious cognac”) includes a brief overview of the elaboration.

You can see the full gift guide here.

2nd December 2014 News

Cool Hunting, an online platform highlighting creativity and innovation in design, technology, style, culture, food, drink and travel, included great photography of the Tesseron Cognac vineyards and Signature Collection in a well-messaged story published in their Food + Drink section. In the article, Hans Aschim recounts his meeting with Alfred Tesseron and integrates some of the answers Alfred provided to Hans’ follow-up questions. Hans acknowledges the design of the Signature Collection decanters, “Tesseron insists that bottles are heavy, detail-oriented and carefully designed for a memorable pour,” and says of Tresor “… special blends like the Tresor make use of these rare spirits, for a cognac that is truly unlike anything else and surely made to be treasured, shared and enjoyed.”

The complete article can be viewed here.

2nd December 2014 News

Men’s lifestyle website, Men’s Health, included The Signature Collection in their “The Best Food and Booze Gifts for Men” holiday gift guide story. Displaying an image of the entire collection, Men’s Health favorably reviews the cognacs and Tesseron Cognac, saying “If there was ever a “craft” distillery for cognac, Tesseron would be it. For over 100 years the Tesseron family has been quietly making some of the world’s finest cognacs on a small estate in the heart of the region, available only to the major houses for use in their quality blends. But 10 years ago, owner and cellar master Alfred Tesseron released his own blends of French brandy whose quality ranges from excellent to ethereal. This year, Tesseron released four signature expressions in handblown bottles just in time for the holidays. Yes, it’s expensive, but for this level of quality it’s worth it.”

The full list of gift ideas is here.


2nd December 2014 News, the business and financial portal, included Tesseron Cognac Tresor in their holiday gift guide story, titled “Holiday Spirits: Build the Perfect Home Bar for 2015.”  The article is published in Bloomberg’s Luxury section and acknowledges Alfred Tesseron’s efforts in crafting this unique expression as well as providing Tresor in a deluxe packaging:  “Made from a blend of 100 eaux de vie, aged for 50 years, Tesseron’s Trésor is newly available in the U.S. this year. It has an easy-going, buttery feel and a sweet, rich perfume that can keep a night going — along with the deluxe kind of packaging required for heavyweight gift-giving.”

The complete article can be found here.

25 November 2014 News

Tesseron Trésor is featured in New York Magazine’s 2014 gift guide!  Included within the exclusive tier of gifts above $1,000, Trésor is listed under the great title “Crypt-Aged Cognac”. Click on the attached image to see the review!

21 November 2014 News

The new issue of Celebrated Living, the luxury magazine for American Airlines and American Eagle Premium Class passengers, is on planes as of this week through February 2015. Tesseron Cognac is included in their 2014 holiday gift guide, titled Ultimate Little Luxuries. In the Bespoke Beauties section, the magazine states “Cognac aficionados can work with the masters at Tesseron, a high-end brand that only produces “XO and beyond” cognacs, to develop an exquisite blend that is exactly to their taste. It is then poured into a bespoke bottle or decanter and delivered in customized packaging. From $4,500.”

21 November 2014 News

Market Watch credits Vintus with bringing Tesseron’s  Signature Collection and Royal Blend XO bottlings to the U.S. market this holiday season.  These offerings are part of a limited-release from Tesseron’s cognac catalog and are available nationwide.  Featured in the New Products section, the Market Watch piece offers a brief overview of the four elaborations, and includes a bottle shot of XO Passion.

20 November 2014 News

Alcademics, a spirits blog written by well-respected writer Camper English, has a recent post detailing Tesseron’s expanding presence in the U.S. cognac market.  Tesseron’s Signature Collection and Royal Blend bottlings are among the new offerings nationwide.  Click here to read more about these exciting cognacs.