19 November 2014 News

See below Robb Report’s coverage of Tesseron Cognac XO Trésor in their annual December gift guide, in a piece titled “Magnificent Obsession”. Taking up half a page with a prominent bottle shot, the accompanying story acknowledges Abel Tesseron’s legacy, as well as the House’s transition from an exclusive supplier to the region’s big brands to bottling its cognacs under the family name, all under the guidance of third generation family owner Alfred Tesseron. In addition, Editor in Chief Brett Anderson highlights that Tesseron Cognac is known to connoisseurs for creating some of the world’s finest Grande Champagne cognacs. Click here to download a PDF of the article.


18 November 2014 News

Arizona Foothills publishes a piece called “Crown Jewel”, as below (click to download), which notes that the Royal Blend is as “rare as it is regal”.  In addition to a description of the Royal Blend elaboration, the writer highlights its exclusive production of only 1,000 bottles. To add another layer of interest for consumers, the writer mentions that the blend was made by request for one of Europe’s royal families.


12 November 2014 News

Luxury Las Vegas included the Royal Blend in its November issue, selecting it for the luxury magazine’s holiday “Wish List” with a well-placed photo. Tesseron Cognac is positioned as a rare and unique gift offering, sharing the page with fine jewelry and bespoke clothing items that are “dapper and debonair” befitting the “old-school gentleman.

Please click here to see the wish list

12 November 2014 News

Prime Living, a Texas luxury lifestyle magazine, features the Tesseron Cognac Royal Blend in their November issue. The write up, aptly titled “for the exclusive sipper,” acknowledges the rich heritage of the Tesseron family as Cognac’s best kept secret. Additionally, it announces that this is the first time that Tesseron Cognac has released a gift collection to encourage readers to seek out the unique decanters. The write up ends with the hashtag #addtosantalist.

Click here to download a copy of the article.

31 October 2014 News

Royal Blend has been featured in the annual “Wish List” gift guide of Modern Luxury Magazine in 11 cities throughout the country, as below

Date: November 2014

Publication:  Modern Luxury – All Editions

New York:  Manhattan Magazine – download here

New York:  Manhattan Magazine – download here

Washington D.C: DC – download here

Chicago:  CS – download here

California:  Angeleno – download here

California:  Riviera Orange County – download here

California:  Riviera San Diego – download here

Texas:  Dallas – download here

Texas:  Houston – download here

Florida:  MIAMI – download here

Arizona:  SCOTTSDALE – download here

Georgia:  The Atlantan – download here




2nd October 2014 News

Ray Isle recently wrote a Tasting Room post about Tesseron’s new Signature Collection for Food & Wine Magazine’s Web site.  The full article is here, see below for an excerpt!

“As with many luxury products, there’s Cognac and then, sir, there is Cognac. The Tesseron family has been in the Cognac business for over a hundred years, but they’ve stayed under the radar in the past, as their focus has been supplying the major houses with aged Cognacs to be used in top bottlings (their family cellar contains glass demijohns of spirits going back to the 1880s). They finally launched their own brand in 2003, and just have released a new “Signature Collection,” which I recently had the opportunity to taste. Admittedly, these Cognacs don’t come cheap. On the other hand, they are also extraordinarily good. Put it this way: If Bill Gates wanted to buy me a bottle, I’d say, “Gee, Bill, that’s a mighty generous gesture.” And then I’d drink it, happily.”

15 August 2014 News

Tesseron Cognac has just launched a brand new Web site! There is some great information on each of its rare Lots, as well as a history of the house and press clips from many leading publications.

Click here to take a look!



11 July 2014 News

Tesseron Cognac recently unveiled its new Signature Collection, a prestige line of XO Cognacs in fanciful new gift boxes inspired by sample containers. Cognac Expert, an independent blog dedicated to Cognac, gives an overview of the three cognacs in a recent post. An excerpt is below. Click here to be directed to the full post.

“The Signature Collection of Tesseron Cognac includes three different cognacs:

Tesseron XO Passion

Tesseron XO Passion is an Ugni Blanc only blend, consisting of around 30 eaux-de-vies from the Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne and Fins Bois region. Each has matured for at least 10 years in oak barrels. It’s described as light and balanced, elegant and floral, with hints of spices.

Tesseron Extra “Légende”

Tesseron Extra “Légende” is a combination of Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche grapes, using eaux-de-vies solely from Cognacs’s Premier Cru region, Grande Champagne. A special characteristic of this cognac is that every one of the blend of eaux-de-vies were matured in cellars with different humidity levels.

Tesseron Tresor

The Tesseron Tresor Cognac is the flagship of the Signature series, limited to 3000 bottles. It’s made from Ugni Blanc, Colombard and Folle Blanche grapes. And as for the “Légende”, there are also some eaux-de-vies from the grande champagne region in the blend.”


28 March 2014 News published their  interview with  Alfred Tesseron on his unconventional methods of green harvesting, biodynamics and now amphorae. Alfred Tesseron shares his ups and downs throughout his career, “Winesearcher: Tell me about your father, Guy, who purchased Pontet-Canet?” he was asked, “Alfred: I thought I knew everything, but I still had everything to learn. I knew nothing,” says Alfred.  To read Alfred’s full interview click here.


15 August 2013 News

In early June, Young’s Market Company of Northern California held a tasting at La Mar restaurant, giving the The Tasting Panel an opportunity to meet some of the faces behind some of their boutique spirits brands. One of the brands featured was Cognac Tesseron –  see the full write-up below.