13 June 2014 News, Videos

Click here to watch a new video of Laszlo Meszaros discussing the 5 Puttonyos 2007 and 6 Puttonyos 2002!


8 April 2014 News interviewd Disznókő’s László Mészáros, discussing László’s background and the changes for Hungary’s famous sweet wine. “In 1989 I had the chance to go to France where I saw the great diversity of wines, and was surprised that they tasted very different from ours, but they were so good and diverse. It was a revelation for me.” said László. Click here to read the interview.

18 March 2014 News

Decanter released an article regarding Hungary’s Tokaji trade council abolishing the two lower grades of the country’s most famous wine.  This relates to the sugar levels and is viewed as a “guide to quality”. Decanter features László Mészáros of Disznókő saying “This [decision] is part of a renaissance for the Tokaj region, the minimum will be 130g of residual sugar per liter.” Click here to read the full article.

4 December 2013 News

An article on features Elin McCoy’s top 10 most memorable wines, “all signal what’s hot in today’s wine world – and where it’s going in 2014”. Topping the list is E. Guigal’s 2009 Côte-Rôtie La Turque and Disznókö’s 2005 6 Puttonyos Kapi. “Northern Rhone negociant E. Guigal is famous for three rare single vineyard wines from the Cote Rotie appellation, the so-called “La-La” wines” said McCoy,”All are stellar. My favorite was the exotic, powerful La Turque.” As for the Kapi, McCoy writes “At the VinExpo trade fair in Bordeaux, I savored this intense debut wine from first growth Disznókö’s Kapi vineyard. It wowed me with its luscious sweetness and laser-pointer acidity.” Click here to read the full article.









27 September 2013 News

Wine blogger Jamie Goode writes of his recent trip to Tokaj, Hungary, where he meet with the talented winemaker of Disznókö, László Mészáros.  Goode says, “I’ve said it before, and likely I will say it again, that it is when you visit a region that the penny drops: all the book learning and knowledge of the wines falls into place, and you begin to understand the wines on another level.” Below are some great pictures he took throughout his trip. Click here to see more great photos and read about the rest of his trip to Tokaj.

29 March 2013 News

In a recent visit to the Disznókő winery, wine lover and blogger, Luiz Alberto shared his experience on his blog Alberto spent a week in Hungary, making his first stop Disznókő and as he put it, it “couldn’t have started any better”. After walking the vineyards and learning how to prune, Disznókő applies short-stalk pruning, he and his group of fellow wine lovers sit down for an amazing tasting of over 10 Disznókő wines including a personal favorite, the 6 Puttonyos 1993. Click here to see some of his great photos and read more about Luiz Alberto’s visit!

14 December 2012 News

The World of Fine Wine has published a spectacular profile of Disznókő in its latest issue.  Good technical details on the Aszú process and great notes on the current 5 Puttonyos 2005, among other wines.  “If must is the chosen medium for maceration, then the Aszú berries are left uncrushed, added (half and half berries and must for five putonyos) when the must has fermented to 2-3% ABV, and allowed to rise to the top. Maceration lasts two to three days, with some pumping over.” Also excellent background on how Tokaj emerged after Communism and Disznókő’s role: “Disznókő was the first spectacular estate; it showed what a winery can be, with a great aesthetic and great site.  It became a benchmark for the region”.

29 November 2012 News

Wine & Spirits Magazine just published a feature on the common myths surrounding the legendary Tokaji region (December 2012 issue). In the section on one common myth, “Tokaji is for Dessert”, the reporter writes about her lunch with Lázsló Mészáros of Disznókö, who enjoys Tokaji with his main course at the Sárga Borház Disznókö restaurant. “sipping chilled Tokaji Aszú with goose liver pâté…he has a pork cutlet, pounded thin, breaded and through the cheese course.” Check out the picture of Sárga Borház and read more about Myth #5 below.

29 November 2012 News

Wine Spectators December/January issue released a long list of the “Classic-Scoring Wines of 2012”. The chart lists about 340 wines that have been reviewed over the course of 2012 and scored 95 points or higher. On that list is Guigal’s Ermitage Ex Voto Blanc (97 points) and St. Joseph Vignes de l’Hospice (95 points), Disznoko’s 6 Puttonyos (95 points), and Lucien Le Moine’s Chambolle-Musigny Les Amoureuses  (95 points), Clos de Vougeot (95 points), Mazis-Chambertin (95 points) and Volnay les Caillerets (95 points).

22nd December 2011 News, Videos

This French wine site’s videos are incredibly well done.  Even if you don’t speak French, there are spectacular images here of the Disznoko vineyards and winery.  And if you do speak French, Laszlo (both the winemaker and manager at the estate) gives wonderful insight into the history of the region, and what makes Disznoko – a single, contiguous site classified “Grand Cru” in 1772 – such a special estate.

A few highlights:

  • Laszlo notes that harvesting grapes for Tokaji is likely the single most labor-intensive harvest for any wine in the world
  • They take free run Eszencia from tank in the vineyard, pretty amazing to see
  • Near the end, you see the interior of the spectacular winery and cellars

Click on the image below to go to the site and see the video.