6 December 2011 News

The World of Fine Wine, in issue 34 of 2011, gives great recognition to the the historic estate Disznókő in Tokaj.  Disznókő has just made its first commercial release of an Aszu wine from the Kapi Vineyard, a subsection of Disznoko’s vineyard located on the upper part of the southern slopes, where the soil is made up of a distinctly lighter clay than anywhere else on the estate, as well as a higher proportion of volcanic rock.

The wine has an unbelievable combination of concentration and elegance – it feels almost light on the palate – and the finish goes on forever.  Click the image below to download the piece.










2nd February 2011 News

A feature in latest issue of American Way magazine offers “A Brief Guide in Tokaji,” starring Disznoko Tokaji Aszu.

“Before there was Champagne, there was Tokaj — the remote region of northeastern Hungary where an unusually sweet wine is produced. Sticklers recognize a variety of dry white wines from the region (labeling them as Tokaji), but the area’s prized Aszú dessert wines are the most cherished.”

The article celebrates the re-emergence of Aszu (and we do, too) with a nod to Disznoko 5 Puttonyos:

“A slightly spicier, more buttery option; the company is on the rise, thanks to innovative technologies and an exemplary track record, now 19 years strong.”

Read it all here.

16 December 2010 News

A quick note from the New York Times, where Eric Asimov recommends the Disznoko 5 Puttonyos in his “Gifts for Wine and Cocktail Lovers” column. Says Asimov:

“Even more off the well-trodden path is one of the greatest sweet wines in the world, Tokaji aszu, from Hungary. These wines are measured on the puttonyos scale of sweetness, from three up to six. A five puttonyos Tokaji aszu from a good producer like Disznoko can be a thrilling balancing act of sweetness and refreshment.

29 October 2010 News

Travel blogger Stuart George attended a recent Disznókő tasting hosted by Christian Seely at Maze in London, and the experience left him “glowing all the way from Mayfair to Stockwell.”

While the pairings were extremely daring, George reports, the Disznókő offerings held their own beautifully. Among them: 2008 Late Harvest, 1993 Tokaji Aszú 5 Puttonyos, 2009 Tokaji Dry Furmint, 2005 Kapi Vineyard Tokaji Aszú 6 Puttonyos, and the superb 2005 Tokaji Eszencia:

“Perhaps the rarest and most overwhelming of all sweet wines, Tokaji Eszencia is a lightly alcoholic syrup made from the small quantity of juice that drips from the Aszú grapes before they are mashed to a paste…

“…A ‘few hundred’ 500cl bottles were made of this wine – or rather grape juice – of simply astonishing sweetness, concentration and length, and one that supports the legend of Tokaji as an elixir capable of raising the ill from their bed. At any rate, I was glowing all the way from Mayfair to Stockwell.”

Read about the entire tasting here.

14 July 2010 News

In his column in the New York Times today, Eric Asimov encourages readers to look beyond the obvious when selecting wines this summer. Want to chill out next to the pool? A brisk dry Furmint is the perfect match! Eric singles out Disznókő as one of the grape’s greatest producers and champions.

“For anybody truly curious about the glorious extent of wine, now is the greatest time in history to be a wine lover. Never before has such a vast diversity of wines been available to so many people. Many are made from unfamiliar grapes, grown in little-known places, yet they offer thrilling drinking for those eager for new experiences…

“Furmint is the great white grape of Hungary. It’s a crucial constituent in the lavish sweet wine Tokaji aszu, and increasingly is being used in distinctive dry wines with rich textures and complex floral aromas. Look for producers like Disznoko.”

The full article is here, and it’s well worth a read.

1 June 2010 News

Disznókő’s 2008 Late Harvest has been awarded 90 points by the Wine Spectator! The Late Harvest, also called Késói Szüretelésú in Hungarian, is a traditional late-harvest style wine, made from shriveled, botrycized Furmint grapes and barrel fermented in the style of Sauternes. This process preserves the fresh acidity of the Furmint grape, creating wines with lift and verve. It’s a fantastic expression of the Disznókő vineyard.

Disznókő Late Harvest 2008, Tokaj
“A late-harvest style, medium-sweet, boasting apricot, spice, mineral and a lush texture. It remains clean and elegant, with fine balance and a bitter grapefruit aftertaste.” 90 Wine Spectator

29 March 2010 News

Christian Seely, Managing Director of the AXA properties, was at a snow-blanketed Disznókő recently to participate in the blending of the 2007 Aszú wines, and has a great post (and great photos) up on his blog. The Aszú wines of Tokaj are some of the greatest sweet wines on earth, made by combining fresh, dry wines with shriveled and (often) heavily botrytized grapes, the Aszú “paste”. After long aging in barrel, the final blends for the 5 Puttonyos and 6 Puttonyos are assembled by Christian and the team at Disznókő, led by winemaker László Mészáros. The 2007 vintage yielded very rich, ripe, unctuous wines that are already showing their seductive side.

8 February 2010 News, Videos

Harvest seems like a pretty good time at Disznoko, sign me up for next year!