1 April 2016 News

James Suckling has put together a recap of 10 of his favorite wine picks from Chile. Three Errazuriz wines made the list, including Las Pizarras Chardonnay 2014, Las Pizarras Pinot Noir 2014 and Vinedo Chadwick 2013. Click here to read the reviews!



14 March 2016 News

We have another strong showing this year in The World’s Most Admired Wine Brands published by Drinks International and found here.  Among the 50 brands listed are the following:

#6: Guigal

Like last year, right near the top. Great comments by Philippe Guigal on his focus on the US market in particular. And great quote by our very own South Carolina distributor, Jean-Pierre Chambas, who is spot-on in saying: “It’s hard to believe, but Marcel and Philippe Guigal keep making wines better consistently year after year as they slowly increase production – an extraordinary accomplishment.”

#7: Errazuriz

Tremendous to see this first ever appearance by Errazuriz, right at the top, and the #2 South American brand! This recognition coincides with the enormous opportunity we are seeing with Errazuriz today.

#29: Chateau Margaux

As noted, Chateau Margaux has featured on every Admired Wine Brands list.

#36: Petrus

The non-marketing success of the list!

Click here to read the profiles


4 March 2016 News

Gear Patrol published a post on the Top 9 Cabernet Sauvignon to serve with a steak dinner, among them MAX Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 from Errazuriz. The wines were selected by the buyers for 3 prominent wine shops in New York City. See below for the excerpt on MAX, and click here to see the full spread of Cabs!

“This Cabernet has got to be one of the great steals of the wine world. It’s a deeply structured, full-bodied Cabernet that’s characterized by cassis and plum notes. The wood is a little strong, so there are some oak tannins in the back. But there’s a lot of wine here for $15.” — ML

1 October 2015 News

Congratulations to our 7 Top 100 Wineries of 2015, E. Guigal, Le Macchiole, Errazuriz, Domaine des Baumard, Lucien Le Moine, Champagne Bollinger, and Quinta do Noval!

The issue has just been released. Click here to read their profiles!

8 July 2015 News

James Suckling came out with his tasting report on Chile yesterday. Here’s the opening line:

“Chile now produces what has to be the best quality wines for the money. And I am not talking about supermarket and discount chain store fodder. I am talking about top-of-the-line wines.”

Errazuriz received some superb ratings on the current range – click here to read the reviews!


1 May 2015 News

Prompted by a task to help curate the in-flight wine list for Qatar Airways, James Cluer MW trekked to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro last year and held a tasting with a selection of l wines. Among them was Errazuriz’s Don Maximiano. Click here to watch a video of his tasting (skip to 6.25 min for the Don Maximiano part) and read an article about his voyage in the Drinks Business.

20 October 2014 News

Errazuriz’s Carmenere Single Vineyard bottling is prominently featured in an article about Carmenere in the Boston Globe this past weekend (“Chilean Reds Made from a Revived Bordeaux Grape”). Below is an excerpt. Click here to read the full piece!

” A single vineyard bottle of carmenere from distinguished producer Errazuriz, founded in 1870 by pioneering winemaker Don Maximiano Errazuriz, exemplifies the rising quality of these still-affordable reds. The wine is made from a parcel of vines on a northwest-facing slope in the Aconcagua Valley, located an hour north of the capital, Santiago. The grapes in this bottle seem to have reached their peak in a region characterized by hot, dry summers tempered with cool maritime breezes. Aromas of ripe red fruit and a whiff of subtle toastiness from time in French and American oak lead to a plush palate with lively, food-friendly acidity balancing the warmth of 14 percent alcohol by volume. This versatile bottle, with a touch of white pepper on the finish, is as delicious with weeknight lasagna as it is with prime rib for Sunday supper.”

13 October 2014 News

Errazuriz is among the Chilean wineries featured in the Wine Enthusiast’s Special Issue, “SOUTH AMERICA COMES OF AGE.” See the introduction below:

Once a bit player on the global wine scene.  South America has spent the past two decades evolving into a legitimate powerhouse.  Step by step, Wine Enthusiast kept tabs on the story.

“Vineyards unfurl against a backdrop of snow-capped peaks in this 2,700-mile-long ribbon of land wedged between some of the planet’s most stunning mountains and an icy sea.  An with the country averaging only 110 miles in width, people say that in Chile, you never more than a two-hour drive from the snow or the Pacific Ocean.”

Click here for the Errazuriz mentions and photos of Kai, Vinedo Chadwick and Max Reserva Chardonnay.

1 October 2014 Feature, News

Four VINTUS wineries –  Quinta do Noval, Le Macchiole, E. Guigal and Errazuriz – are among the 100 Wineries of the Year profiled in Wine & Spirits Magazine’s 2014 Winter issue! Quinta do Noval’s Nacional 2011 is prominently featured on the cover. Click on the producer name  to download each profile.

Quinta do Noval – Winery of the Year 2014

Le Macchiole – Winery of the Year 2014

E. Guigal – Winery of the Year

Errazuriz – Winery of the Year 2014

19 September 2014 News

Errazuriz plays a major part in a recent story published in Decanter magazine on the new wave of exciting Pinot Noirs  coming out of Chile (October issue). While initially many Chilean wineries aimed to produce a super-charged style of Pinot  Noir with lots of concentration and new oak, nowadays they seem to be focusing on purity of fruit and varietal typicity. Wine critic Patricio Tapia writes:

“Until the 2010 vintage, Errazuriz’s best Pinots came from La Escultura vineyard, a warm zone of the cold Casablanca Valley. But the new vineyard in Aconcagua Costa began to enter production with the 2011 vintage. In an area approximately 10km from the cold Pacific and 100km north of Santiago, Baettig began to apply everything he had learned in Casablanca, especially harvesting (up to a month) earlier, protecting the delicate grape skins with foliage, and trying to obtain a more delicate style of Pinot Noir. ‘I wanted to get away from sweetness; I have increasingly less tolerance for sweetness in wine,’ he says. The current vintage, the 2013 from Aconcagua Costa is the first step in this direction. Lively and nervous in acidity, it vibrates with intense flavors of red fruits. Eliminating the new oak during ageing removes the toasted notes and allows the fruit to show itself without any reservations.”

Click here for a partial PDF of the article.