17 April 2011 News

We’ve posted a number of photos on Facebook and now have some nice albums of Guigal, Errazuriz, Finca Decero (including photos our recent trip), Quinta do Noval, Telmo Rodriguez and Mitolo.  Cool!

Frank Mitolo and Ben Glaetzer walking in the Lopresti vineyard, in the Willunga Hills section of McLaren Vale

3 August 2010 News

Wine Spectator’s Harvey Steiman recently blogged about Ben Glaetzer and Frank Mitolo’s latest debut: Aussie Vermentino.

“Crisp” with “oodles” of “slate-inflected fig and stone fruit flavors,” Mitolo’s Jester Vermentino is delicate in texture and weighs in at just 10% alcohol, a perfect summer sipper. Says Steiman:

“Heads up, folks. Here comes another Australian wine you never expected. Are you ready for Aussie Vermentino?

“More to the point: Are you prepared for a crisp, minerally white wine that has oodles of flavor, despite an alcohol level below 10 percent? One that plays a grassy note like a delicate Sauvignon Blanc against a light texture that actually lets the slate-inflected fig and stone fruit flavors fill the mouth?

“From Australia?

“When I recently met with winemaker Ben Glaetzer and winegrower Frank Mitolo to preview the coming vintages of their Mitolo and Jester wines, they brought the standard Cabernet, Shiraz and Rhône blends. Those wines were good, as usual, and instructive about the vagaries of recent vintages in McLaren Vale, where they grow most of their grapes. But the wine that intrigued me the most was the new Vermentino, coming out later this year on the Jester label. The first vintage, 2010, is priced at $18 a bottle. (I would like it better at $15.) It’s unlike anything else I can think of, reminiscent of those crisp Atlantic Coast Spanish wines such as Txakoli, but with a deeper fruit profile.

“If more Aussie growers can achieve similar character to Jester’s, it could be the find of the decade.”

Full article is here (subscription required).

17 May 2010 News

Decanter and the Daily Mail’s man in Australia, Matthew Jukes, has published his annual 100 Best Australian Wines, with some spectacular results for Mitolo and Shaw + Smith. In his introduction, Jukes includes Mitolo among just 15 wineries in his inaugural “Hall of Fame,” a distinction awarded for having made the list every year since its inception. That’s a remarkable testament to the quality of Frank Mitolo and Ben Glaetzer’s project, consistently making the best wines in McLaren Vale.

Mitolo Jester Cabernet Sauvignon 2009, McLaren Vale
“Frank Mitolo kindly flew in all of his new releases a few weeks ago for assessment and any one of them could have made this list. After forensic examination, Jester Cab was the champion of the Jester duo, once again, by virtue of the dribble of Serpico that it is kindly allowed to slurp. This inky addition makes Jester’s fruit transcendental in its delivery of cassis, dark chocolate and liquorice flavours. This wine could teach the whole of South America about fruit/oak/alcohol balance such is its impeccable fulcrum of flavours. One more scoop – A 2010 Mitolo Vermentino (!) looked stunning, too. You heard it here first.” Matthew Jukes’ 100 Best Australian Wines

Mitolo Savitar Shiraz 2007, McLaren Vale
“From the Chinese Block in Willunga and named after a mythical dragon whose tail ‘swept the stars from the sky and flung them to the earth’, this is a wine groaning with symbolism and valid hype. Considered to be a lighter vintage and yet easily as gripping and bold as the rich 2006, this is a thrilling wine with clove, woodsmoke, black liquorice and even pastrami notes in its vast panoply of flavours. Mitolo is riding the crest of the wave and perhaps a dragon’s tail, too.” Matthew Jukes’ 100 Best Australian Wines

Shaw + Smith Sauvignon Blanc 2009, Adelaide Hills
“Is this the finest S+S SB ever? An early glimpse at this wine last year suggested that it is and repeated encounters ever since (many such goes, I am fortunate to report) have confirmed this thought. Purity and length are the only two elements worth considering after the flavour boxes have been ticked and this wine excels in both disciplines.” Matthew Jukes’ 100 Best Australian Wines

31 March 2010 News

Alder Yarrow of Vinography is on the ground tasting his way through South Australia, running into “some wines that have totally redefined my understanding of what Australian wine is, and can be.” Two of the regional champions he’s singled out are Shaw + Smith and Mitolo. The wines below are recent releases that won’t be available in the US for a while, but the notes give a sense as to the sheer quality being attained these days in the Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale.

Shaw + Smith “M3” Chardonnay 2008
“Light greenish gold in the glass, this wine smells beautifully of lemon zest and cold cream with hints of herbal qualities. In the mouth the wine has a wonderful, stony mineral quality with lemon curd and cold cream touched with sourdough toast with butter. Perfectly balanced and really gorgeous, this is an exceptionally well made wine, and one of the better Chardonnays I’ve had from Australia.” 9-9.5/10 Vinography

Mitolo Serpico Cabernet Sauvignon 2009
“Made entirely from grapes dried in the style of Amarone. Dark garnet in the glass this wine has a nose of dried black cherry and chocolate. In the mouth wonderfully aggressive tannins wrap around black cherry and chocolate flavors with notes of leather that linger in the finish. Intense and interesting. And for being made from dried grapes, quite bright.” 9/10 Vinography

24 March 2010 News, Videos

Canada’s Lifford Wine Agency sits down with Frank Mitolo and Ben Glaetzer of Mitolo, where Frank explains his G.A.M. and Ben details the repasso, amarone style of the Serpico.

Wine of the Week: Interview with Mitolo from Lifford Wine Agency on Vimeo.

12 February 2010 News

The Tennessean recommends Mitolo Jester Shiraz for Valentine’s Day, tasted on the recommendation of their wine panel.   See the pdf here, and the result of the blind tasting with Jester Shiraz as follows:

2006 Mitolo “Jester” McLaren Vale, Australia, Shiraz, $24.99.

We found chocolate aromas – milk chocolate and fudge – blended with cherries, plums and cassis. Flavors included black cherries and plums, wrapped in a nice freshness. Tannins (substances in grapes that give wine character over time but can make your mouth pucker when young) were very big. The wine made the chocolate taste more candied.

8 February 2010 News, Videos

Ben  Glaetzer takes us through a tasting of 2007 vintage Mitolo wines.  Great background.

8 February 2010 News

From a Mitolo newsletter this past year, we could not resist sharing the recipe below from Frank Mitolo’s mother.  To be served, naturally, with Mitolo G.A.M.

Osso Bucco (serves 4)

4 osso buco ( 2-inch thick rounds of veal knuckle )
plain flour, for dusting
1 onion finely chopped
1 carrot finely chopped
1 celery stick
1 cup dry white wine
200g peeled tomatoes
500g fresh peas, shelled
4 bay leaves
olive oil
80g butter
salt and pepper

Lightly dust the veal with flour. Melt the butter in a frying pan, add the veal on high heat turning frequently until veal is brown all over then sit to rest.  Finely chop the onion, carrot and celery then place in a large deep pan with olive oil and cook for 5-6 minutes. Add the tomatoes, peas, wine and bay leaves and cook for 10 minuets, add salt and pepper as required . Place the veal in the pan and place a lid on and put into a pre heated oven on 200 degrees for 2 hours. Serve on top of soft potato mash with a sprinkle of parsley.