20 October 2014 News

Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi selected Sandrone’s Barolo Cannubi Boschis as one of the high-end bottles of wine to be packed in a special gift case for foreign Presidents visiting Italy in the near future.

Click here to read an article in Italian with further details on the special case!

5 September 2014 News

Sandrone’s 2010 Cannubi Boschis was featured in Wine Enthusiast magazine’s “Top Rated 2010 Barolos”. With an amazing 99 point score the comments are as follows. “Structured but extremely elegant, this magnificent Barolo opens with an intense fragrance of violet, rose, wild berry, leather, underbrush and balsamic notes. The delicious, focused palate delivers crushed black cherry layered with notes of exotic spices, licorice, sage and black pepper, perfectly balanced by assertive tannins and vibrant energy. It already boasts gripping depth, but this has serious aging potential.” Click here to read more.

1 August 2014 News

An article in today’s LA Times about the rise of garagiste winemakers in California (“Rise of the California garagistes, from basements to barrels to fests”) leads with Luciano Sandrone’s remarkable story:

“The first garagiste wine I ever tasted was one Luciano Sandrone made in the basement-garage of his house on the outskirts of Barolo, Italy. He and his wife, Mariuccia, were pasting the labels on the bottles by hand. Though he had a day job then and not one row of vines to his name (he didn’t come from a winemaking family), Sandrone went on to become one of the world’s most famous winemakers and now has a rather grand estate — and vineyards — in prime Barolo country. Nobody would have called him a garagiste back then, and there certainly wasn’t a movement by that name.”

Click here to read the rest of the article, which highlights a new crop of passionate vintners on California’s Central coast who are forging ahead with their dreams, making wine in small quantities, with or without funds.

14 July 2014 News

Journalist Marisa D’Vari blogs about her recent experience visiting Sandrone on Belows is an excerpt. Click here to link to the full post.

“So I remember the first time I met Barbara Sandrone … it was in the Mandarin Oriental hotel in New York city, and she was pouring her Barbera in a gorgeous “modernist” yellow and black dress that were the same colors of the New York City taxi cab.”

20 June 2014 News

The Sandrone June 2014 newsletter was just released, with some great coverage of the Giro d’Italia cycling tour, which took place in Barolo and Barbaresco on May 22. It was a huge success, with the Stage 12 Individual Time Trial zooming by Sandrone’s front door on May 22.  Below is a shot of our owner Michael Quinttus posing with Freddy Cicerchia of Carolina Wine & Spirits in Massachusetts, Nick Claitman of The Estates Group in California and the Sandrone team.

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6 January 2014 News

Italian wine critic Antonio Galloni singles out his three favorite Barolos from the soon-to-be-released 2010 vintage in a new video on Sandrone Le Vigne 2010 is one of the three wines featured, along with Bartolo Mascarello 2010 and Vietti Ravera 2010. The official reviews have not yet been released, but check out some of Galloni’s initial impressions by watching the video here (subscription only).

Galloni comments that 2010 is a very exciting vintage in Barolo, a replay of 2004 but with a little more of everything. Recently, Sandrone recently acquired a new addition of land in the prized Baudana cru in Serralunga d’Alba, and the impact of this additional fruit on the Le Vigne blend is striking in 2010. Galloni says the extra Serraluna dimension has given the wine a note of baritone and bass that takes it to the next level. He sums up his impression of Sandrone by saying “this is where tradition and modernism meet.” In his opinion, no other Barolo producer has accomplished this intersection of styles with as much grace.

See also Antonio Galloni’s comments on how the wines have aged in an article on a 1989 and 1990 Barolo retrospective, posted here. The 1989 Cannubi Boschis is described as “a towering masterpiece from Luciano Sandrone.”

18 December 2013 News

Robert Parker’s video sneak peek of the upcoming Wine Advocate issue (“The Christmas Issue”, he titles it) was just put up on the Wine Advocate site. He does the whole video with a bottle of Sandrone Cannubi Boschis in front of him! At 2:15 into the video he discusses the Cannubi Boschis 1985, tastes and starts raving.

Click on the picture below to watch the video!

11 March 2013 News

The Wine Advocate’s Executive Wine Seminars has  hosted numerous Nebbiolo-based tastings over the years, showcasing the top Barolos and Barbarescos. In a turn from previous seminars, this  year’s tasting focused on the finest examples of Barbera and Dolcetto. There were many in the spotlight with great reviews, one being Sandrone’s 2009 Barbera d’Alba with 93 points. See the full tasting note below or click here to read the full list of reviews.


2009 Barbera d’Alba (Luciano Sandrone) – 93 rating

“Impressive deep color.  Gorgeous sweet, smoky, pheromone-like nose offers complexity and wonderful cherry and cassis fruit, with violet, minerals, and white pepper in the background.  There’s a lot of oak in the nose and the overall feeling is that Sandrone took a modern approach with this Barbera.  Equally impressive in the mouth, a huge, dense, concentrated, full-bodied, complex wine.  The fruit is well-extracted and the structure is fortress-like.  Maybe it’s “more Sandrone than Barbera,” but everyone loves this wine.  Great length, too!  A stellar candidate for the cellar and reasonably priced.”

19 December 2012 News

James Suckling released a tasting report of his top 100 Italian wines of 2012. He tasted over 3,00 Italian wines throughout the year and for the first time has selected his 100 best. Sandrone and Petrolo both made his list! Sandrone’s Barolo Le Vigne 2008 was given 95 points and Petrolo’s Boggina 2010 and Galatrona 2010 both scored 95 points as well. His tasting notes are below.

2008 Sandrone Barolo Le Vigne “Love the nose of this with freshly cut flowers and berries with just a hint of chiles, cocoa. Full-bodied, with super well-integrated tannins and a subtle fruity palate. The texture is beautiful. Better in 2015.”

2010 Petrolo Toscana Boggina “Very balanced and firm with lovely texture of fine tannins and blueberry, currant character. Full body, with silky tannins and a wonder finish. This tiny production pure Sangiovese shows richness and power with finesse. Such focus and beauty. Hard not to drink now.”

2010 Petrolo Toscana Galatrona “Aromas of black olives, violets and fresh fruit follow through to a full body, with a dense palate of dark fruits and olives. Long and polished. Handmade wine. You sense it. Pure Merlot sensation. Try in 2014.”

18 December 2012 News

The 2012 Sandrone Harvest Report newsletter was just released, sharing some great information on the year’s weather conditions. At the end of August there was a nice break from the heat by a 4-day rain shower that gently replenished the groundwater. While there had been several big thunderstorms (and two hailstorms in late July) during the summer, all of these were brief and intense and the precipitation tended to run off into the streams, not penetrate into the ground. So the late August rain was very welcome, offering some relief to the plants, which were beginning to exhibit some heat stress. Unlike 2011, nighttime temperatures cooled consistently showing good day-night temperature differential allowing a long, even maturation. Mid-September shorter rainstorms gave some trouble to the Dolcetto harvest that required additional bunch-by-bunch cleaning during the picking process.

The first small load of Dolcetto to make the pied de cuvée was picked on September 9. They brought the first full load of Dolcetto in on September 11 and had finished all the Docletto by the 22nd. Barbera was picked between September 25 and October 2. Valmaggiore was picked in three marathon days October 6-7-8. The Valmaggiore vineyard is their largest single piece of vineyard property and typically ripens over the course of a week, each parcel being picked separately as it reaches perfect maturity. This year, the even ripening during September lead to everything being ready at the same time. The wine will be exceptional!

Nebbiolo for Barolo began with Merli on the 3rd of October; they then picked Vignane, Villero, Baudana and Cannubi Boschis. Nebbiolo can suffer through cold and damp conditions easily – it is heat that makes it suffer. This year the heat was relatively normal – 3 weeks in August. The critical September ripening period was perfect for Nebbiolo: warm, sunny days, cool nights and gentle breezes. Sandrone finished harvesting the 14th of October, and Luciano is very happy with the results.

Ravera Cru, early October









Luca in Cannubi

Ivan and Simona in Villero