29 November 2012 News

The popular New York City Spanish restaurant Boqueria has a special feature on Telmo Rodriguez this month. The Boqueria restaurants were inspired by the best tapas bars in Barcelona, Spain. Their detailed blog post is dedicated to Telmo and his story, and invites diners to join together in celebrating the great wines of Compañia de Vinos Telmo Rodriguez as they feature Gaba do Xil Mencia, MR, Dehesa Gago, Gago, and Pegaso in all three of their locations. Click below to read the full piece.

29 November 2012 News

The San Francisco Examiner published an article highlighting Rueda whites and what they have to offer as an alternative to Sauvignon Blanc. “If you love sauvignon blanc but want to stay in the $15-or-less price range, what are your options without compromising quality? I have one word for you: Rueda. Rueda is an appellation in the Castilla y Leon region of Spain. Not exactly one of the more scenic parts of the country, it is on a high plain with the Duero River being its most interesting geographic feature. Nonetheless, winemaking has been important to the area for a millennium.” The article recommends three terrific Ruedas to try, one of which is the Telmo Rodriguez Basa 2011. Click below to read the full article and comments on the wine!

19 October 2012 News

Decanter magazine’s November 2012 issue named Telmo Rodriguez’s Gaba do Xil Godello 2011 their Best Value Wine of the Month! The tasting team’s comments are below.

“A hugely appealing white from this producer’s Galician property. The nose begins a bright attack of citrus, before revealing a saline air and undertones of vanilla custard. Textured and balanced on the palate, with sweet fruit and a hint of melon. A savory quality suggests fine food-matching potential.”

12 September 2012 News

What a flurry of accolades for Telmo Rodriguez recently!  Now, on top of all the Telmo Rodriguez press we’ve been receiving, the Wine Spectator’s latest issue highlights Telmo Rodriguez throughout their special feature on Rioja.

If you click on the image below you can see a reprint of relevant portions of the “Revolution in Rioja” issue .  Telmo is featured in the opening article of the Rioja section called, “Searching for the Real Rioja”.  There is a full-page photo of him and he is profiled in a section called, “Seeking a Third Way”.  Telmo’s “Third Way” is a new direction that differs from previous trend of long oak-aging in the 19th and 20th century Rioja, as well as the big fruit, alcohol and extraction trend of the last 15 years.  It’s “back to the future”, as he seeks to make wines as he imagines they were made in the 18th century and earlier.

Telmo is also profiled in the article “Six Producers who are Leading the Way”.  He is one of these six producers, and his section is entitled: “Telmo Rodriguez: Prodigal Son”.  The piece discusses Telmo’s work all over Spain searching for forgotten vineyards, his return to Rioja in 1998, and the 2009 opening of his bodega in Lanciego.

Click the image below for the articles.

31 August 2012 News

Telmo’s new Rioja releases just received some stellar ratings from Neal Martin in the Wine Advocate. Altos de Lanzaga 2007 and 2009, along with one other wine, are the No. 1-ranked current release Rioja in the report, with a score of 96 points!  Lanzaga 2009 and LZ 2011 received 91 and 90 points, respectively. See below for the full text of the reviews.



31 August 2012 News

There is a piece on the Wine Spectator homepage discussing how Spain’s most dynamic winemakers balance a new perspective of Spanish wine with tradition.   The article centers around Telmo Rodriguez and his partner in La Compania de Vinos Telmo Rodriguez, Pablo Eguzkiza.  As Mitch writes:

“During two weeks in Spain earlier this summer, I was struck by how the best winemakers here walk a tightrope between the past and the future. Spain is probably the most dynamic wine country in Europe right now, thanks to people like Rodriguez and Eguzkiza and a younger generation that is following their example. They want to prove that Spain is not just a source for value, but a land with incredible terroirs. The problem is that Spain is still a conservative country in many ways, even three decades after dictator Francisco Franco’s death triggered a wave of changes. The New Spain is still a work in progress.”

There are some great lines from Telmo and Pablo on how they search for extraordinary sites and seek to to preserve traditional viticulture, as well as a fantastic (albeit unfortunate) story of how they were, let’s say misled, in the re-planting of one of Rioja vineyards.  Click on the image below for the full article.


21 August 2012 News

In a recent article on, Telmo Rodriguez describes that wine is more than just great to drink but also provides deep emotions and feelings. In 1993 Telmo was working with Gerard Chave, owner of Domaine Jean-Louis Chave, in his cellar tasting wine from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s.   “The wines showed me that real wine, it’s a place, it’s a family – it’s magic,” says Telmo. To read the full article click the image below.

20 August 2012 News

In their Fall 2012 special issue, Wine & Spirits creates a list of their “Terroir Top 100”.  They create a little scale, and list 100 wines ranging between 5.0 and 8.4 that “transport us, that completely rock our world”.  Included among the wines are Lucien Le Moine Chambolle-Musigny Les Haut Doix 2008 and Telmo Rodriguez Gaba do Xil Mencia 2009.  Love the line, “the kind of Burgundy Lisbeth Salander might drink on the lam.”

Click on the picture below to see the reviews in full size.


1 August 2012 News

Telmo Rodriguez’s 2011 Basa Rueda is the # 1 Rueda white in the latest issue of El Mundo Vino, one of the premier Spanish wine publications. The 2006 vintage of his top Ribera del Duero, Matallana, is additionally among the top-ranked wines from Ribera del Duero, grouped with Pingus and Vega Sicilia Unico. Click on the pictures below for the respective reviews.


12 June 2012 News

In Food & Wine Magazine’s July 2012 issue, a New York chef, Alex Raij, during a visit to Spain created a dish that incorporates pan-seared trout, Spanish Serrano ham and Telmo Rodriguez’s 2011 Basa.  “This dish is almost cliché in Navarra, but it’s absolutely delicious,” says Raij. “The Spanish ham keeps the fish from drying out, basting it with its inimitable fat.”  Check out the recipe below!