10 July 2017 News

DSM Magazine, a Des Moines, Iowa luxury magazine, featured the Rafael Valpolicella in “A Red That Tastes Great Chilled.” Wine writer Wini Moranville notes that after years of dissatisfaction with Valpolicella wines in general, it was Tommasi’s Rafael that “immediately got [her] back on the Valpolicella bandwagon.” She quotes NY Times critic Eric Asimov’s observation of “the winemaking renaissance that … has also come to Valpolicella,” and favorably reviews the Rafael, recommending that readers enjoy it well chilled. She also directs readers to a local retailer for purchase.

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3 July 2017 News

We are happy to share a new review of the 2015 Tommasi Le Rosse Pinot Grigio in the Winston-Salem Journal. Wine writer Michael Hastings notes the pinot grigio has “tropical aromas, lots of citrus palate. A bit of richness, yet still plenty crisp, with a lingering finish.” He rates it as “good plus” in a roundup of wines he has recently tasted.

16 June 2017 News

Honest Cooking featured the Rafael Valpolicella in “The Perfect Chilled Red Wine with Barbeque.” The article highlights the Rafael as summer red wine choice “while most are pouring white and rosé wines.” Recommended as a summer red because “its chilled temperature and slightly fruity medium-body is perfect even on the warmest nights.” Pairings for the Rafael in the article included “smoky, sauced, spicy ribs or any red or white meats off the grill.”

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16 June 2017 News

Parade’s Community Table featured the Filodora Prosecco in “10 Refreshing Wines For Summer.” Wine writer Allie Albanese lists the Filodora as an “all-around gem,” first noting that she was introduced to the Tommasi’s Le Rosse Pinot Grigio last summer and “wasn’t surprised in the slightest to discover their sparkling is just as good.” Allie notes that Prosecco is known for fruity and floral characteristics and that the Filodora “feels far more sophisticated on the palate than many wines in its class.”

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8 June 2017 News

We are happy to share a lovely review of Tommasi’s Le Rosse Pinot Grigio on the wine blog “Bigger Than Your Head.”

Wine blogger Fredric Koeppel starts off his review of this “Summer-y pinot grigio” as a reminder that the pinot grigio grape “doesn’t have to produce bland, insipid, watery wines intended for mindless consumption.” Writing in high praise of the Le Rosse, he goes on to note that the wine is “quite sprightly on the palate, surprisingly dense and lithe” offering aromas of “heather, sea salt, roasted lemons and almond blossom, white pepper, verbena and quince.” Fredric recommends a few food pairings for the Le Rosse including “grilled shrimp, tuna tartar” and “virtually any roasted or grilled fish.”

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5 June 2017 News

EDGE Media Network featured the Tommasi Rafael Valpolicella in the online story “Summer Reds and How to Drink Them.” Rafael is one of two wines recommended as a red wine to drink throughout the summer. Lifestyle and wine writer Kristen Siebecker notes “while Italy is often known for Super Tuscans and other high-powered reds, it also produces terrific wines for warmer weather. Tommasi’s Rafael Valpolicella Classico Superiore is bright and refreshing when slightly chilled.”

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5 June 2017 News

Wisconsin Gazette featured the Le Rosse Pinot Grigio in “Rosé redux: Make your summer a pink one,” a story highlighting the best wines for summer sipping. Wine writer Mike Muckian includes the Le Rosse in this roundup noting “the wine boasts a clean, almost spicy nose, with a refreshing palate of tropical fruits that makes a fine refresher for warm afternoons and evening.”

5 June 2017 News

John Foy wrote a lovely story on the fourth generation of the Tommasi family and their ventures throughout Italy over the years and expansion past the Veneto on his blog The Wine Odyssey.

Tommasi’s fourth generation is super-charged

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23 May 2017 News

We are happy to report a review of Tommasi’s 2014 Rafael Valpolicella on Forbes Online in “10 Best Red Wines Under $20 For A Beach Party.” Wine writer Nick Passmore reviews the Rafael among other reds ideally served slightly chilled throughout the summer, noting that 30 minutes after opening, the wine “developed into a fruit-forward sassy seductress with just enough polish on the finish to allow you to believe you might, just, be able to take her home and introduce her to your mother.” The piece ends with a photo of the Rafael label.

19 May 2017 News

Wine writer Mike Muckian of the Wisconsin Gazette featured these two Tommasi wines in “Top-shelf reds pair well with grilled meats.” Mike recommends the Rompicollo and Ripasso as two wines that can “add a little Italian flare to your summer fun” and pair well with grilled meats for summer barbequing. He notes the Poggio al Tufo Rompicollo “captures flavors of chocolate and berries on its supple palate, its well-maintained tannins delivering a satisfying finish.” Mike notes the process through which Ripasso is produced and the blend of grapes in this vintage, finally noting “this may be the wine your guests will be talking about long after the coals are cold and the party is over.” Click the image to view the article!