22nd November 2017 News

MSN syndicated the holiday wine round-up story “What to Drink With Thanksgiving Dinner: 50 Festive Choices,” from The Daily Meal. Editor Colman Andrews recommends the Rafael to help liven up the “reasonably unassertive” Thanksgiving turkey, describing it as “fresh, with rounded fruit and a hint of leather.”

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20 November 2017 News

Tommasi Rafaèl Valpolicella Classico Superiore 2015 was featured in a Thanksgiving drink roundup on The Daily Meal. In “What to Drink With Thanksgiving Dinner: 50 Festive Choices,” editor Colman Andrews choses the Rafael as one of his recommendations to help liven up the “reasonably unassertive” Thanksgiving turkey. A “stylish alternative to pinot noir,” Colman highlights that this Valpolicella is “fresher, with rounded fruit and a hint of leather.”

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18 November 2017 News

We’re happy to share new coverage for Tommasi  Ripasso 2014 in “What I’m Drinking for Thanksgiving,” on Huffington Post.  John Mariani recommends the Ripasso as one of his favorite wines at the moment, “perfect for a Thanksgiving feast.” John notes the classic Valpolicella winemaking style of Ripasso, noting it gives the wine “considerably more body and layers of flavor.” He later highlights that Tommasi’s Rafael Valpolicella is a “fine example” of other Valpolicella wines and that it is “a very versatile wine of the region.”

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14 November 2017 News

Tommasi’s Filodora Prosecco was featured on the blog Shockingly Delicious’ Facebook page. Blogger Dorothy Reinhold urges followers to drink “Champagne’s hipper Italian cousin,” Filodora Prosecco, this holiday season. She specifically recommends Filodora as the perfect choice for Thanksgiving because of its ability to “stand up to the wide variety of tastes in a Thanksgiving dinner,” or alternatively serving it on a “weeknight to make any dinner special.”

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14 November 2017 News

Simply The Best Magazine featured Tommasi’s Filodora Prosecco as a “Spirited Selection” in the magazine’s annual holiday gift guide. Editor Jenny Lemoine describes the Filodora’s crisp, fruity notes and reasonable price, noting it makes a fantastic bottle to “have on hand for impromptu cocktail parties” and any other special occasions that may arise during holiday season. She notes “some of the world’s greatest prosecco’s are vinified from small estates,” and adds Tommasi Filodora “sets the bar for prosecco a notch higher.”

24 October 2017 News

We’re happy to share new coverage for the Tommasi Amarone della Valpolicella 2013 in “The Best Red Wine You Are Probably Forgetting To Drink” on Forbes Online. Wine writer Larry Olmsted recommends Tommasi as one of the two standout Amarones from Italy. Larry notes that Tommasi is “arguably the most venerable producer” of Amarone in the country as “the family has been doing its thing in Valpolicella for more than a century, is highly regarded, and just released its latest, the 2013 vintage.” Of the new vintage, he notes it is “everything Amarone should be, dark red with a complex mix of fruit and black pepper, with great mouth feel and structure.”

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17 October 2017 News

We are excited to share new coverage for the Rafael Valpolicella Classico Superiore in “46 Best Cheap Red Wines Under $20” on, a women’s lifestyle website published by Conde Nast. Belinda Chang, an award-winning sommelier recommended Tommasi Rafael among a list of 46 red wines that won’t break the bank and are “actually quite stunning, despite their low price tag.” Chang associates fall with “porcini mushroom risotto, pumpkin and sage gnocchi and decadent stews,” and notes Rafael is a “bit lighter than your typical red” but is “the perfect complement to those decadent dishes.”

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6 October 2017 News

Paste Magazine Online featured the Rafael Valpolicella Classico Superiore in “50 Light Red Wines (Under $25) Built for Fall.” Wine writer Amy Glynn provides a roundup of light-bodied red wines she notes as “hidden treasures at great prices from all over the planet.” Glynn notes the aromatics of the Rafael “are perfumey and strong on dried spices; the palate is all about cherries and soft leather,” and later states how well it complements cheese, mushrooms, potatoes, and white pizzas, and “probably any number of other things.”

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6 October 2017 News

Wine writer Steve Prati of the Tennessean featured the 2013 Tommasi Amarone in an online Amarone story. Steve calls Amarone one of “Italy’s many gifts to the world of wine,” and specifically describes Tommasi Amarone as a “feast for the senses,” which “exhibits deep ruby color, dark spice and chocolate aromas, and flavors of espresso, fruit cake and mocha on the palate. Gem quality.” This article was syndicated by the USA Today Network, appearing on USA Today, The Arizona Republic, Detroit Free Press and 105 other local Gannett publications.

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6 October 2017 News

The New York Daily News featured Tommasi Rafael Valpolicella Classico Superiore 2014 in the online story “Something to Wine About: The sinful pleasure of a heavenly wine.” Wine writer Linda Delmonico Prussen reviews a handful of red wines she was “blessed” to try, specifically noting that Tommasi Rafael’s “lovely finish can only be beaten by its lovely price of about $15 a bottle. An absolute steal – or violation of commandment number eight.”

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