21 May 2018 News

Wine Spectator’s Matt Kramer posted an intriguing article last week on the everyday wines he enjoyed during a sojourn in San Sebastián, Spain (“The Last Postcard from Spain”). Among those he cited are two wines from Telmo Rodriguez, the LZ from Rioja and the Almuvedre from Alicante.

Below is an excerpt. Click here to read the full article!

“Mr. Rodríguez’s other red that appears on our table is from the Alicante province in southeast Spain, a world away from Rioja in every sense. Made from the local Monastrell grape variety (better known by its French name, Mourvèdre), it’s called Al-muvedre. An intense, rich red of real savor, it’s hard to beat for enjoying with a grilled steak or a plate of beans. The price is really tasty—at least here in Spain—at just $6.20 a bottle.

Bottom line: I urge you to go to San Sebastián. The food is famously fabulous; the city is impeccably clean and uncommonly beautiful. And the Spanish wines are just what you might imagine them to be: varied, wonderful and as original as any on the planet. What’s not to like?”