29 May 2018 News



We are thrilled that Tom Marquardt and Patrick Darr of the Capital Gazette sing such high praise of the rose wines from Guigal and Ponzi. For Guigal, “a perennial favorite of ours, the consistently good Guigal delivers fresh raspberry and citrus notes with balanced acidity and long finish.” Regarding Ponzi Vineyards, they remark “This fabulous pinot noir house from Oregon’s Willamette Valley has produced an excellent, balanced rose with a beautiful rust/orange color and generous strawberry and citrus aromas.” See the full list here.

29 May 2018 News

Tom Mullen of Forbes Magazine details the wines, and wineries, producing white wine from local Abbruzese grapes and illustrates why you should be tasting these now. In discussing Masciarelli, Mullen mentions of Gianni Masciarelli,  “who, through constant toil and focus, put Abruzzo’s grapes on the map as having international merit…” The full article can be found here.

29 May 2018 News

A fascinating read about the history, vision, and perseverance of the Mother-Daughter duo at Masciarelli. From being unexpectedly presented with the decision to close the winery or forge ahead, Marina Cvetic chose the latter and, along with her eldest daughter Miriam, built Masciarelli into a wine empire. Read the full article here.

21 May 2018 News

Wine Spectator’s Matt Kramer posted an intriguing article last week on the everyday wines he enjoyed during a sojourn in San Sebastián, Spain (“The Last Postcard from Spain”). Among those he cited are two wines from Telmo Rodriguez, the LZ from Rioja and the Almuvedre from Alicante.

Below is an excerpt. Click here to read the full article!

“Mr. Rodríguez’s other red that appears on our table is from the Alicante province in southeast Spain, a world away from Rioja in every sense. Made from the local Monastrell grape variety (better known by its French name, Mourvèdre), it’s called Al-muvedre. An intense, rich red of real savor, it’s hard to beat for enjoying with a grilled steak or a plate of beans. The price is really tasty—at least here in Spain—at just $6.20 a bottle.

Bottom line: I urge you to go to San Sebastián. The food is famously fabulous; the city is impeccably clean and uncommonly beautiful. And the Spanish wines are just what you might imagine them to be: varied, wonderful and as original as any on the planet. What’s not to like?”

18 May 2018 News

Forbes Magazine features Champagne Bollinger as a strong contender for the Champagne chosen for Harry and Megan’s Wedding on Saturday, May 19th.

Bollinger has held a Royal Warrant since 1884 and has been the official Champagne at previous Royal Weddings, including Prince Charles and Diana Spencer in 1981. According to the New York Times, Bollinger is Prince Charles’ “favorite Champagne.”

The article also highlights that Prince William and Kate Middleton served L’Hospitalet de Gazin 2004 as the red wine at their wedding.

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18 May 2018 News

Food & Wine features Champagne Bollinger in the article “Celebrate the Royal Wedding with One of These 9 Royally-Approved Champagnes.”

Champagne Bollinger holdsthe “royal stamp-of-approval” proving that it’s been “served to and loved by the royal family over its long monarchy.”

Champagne Bollinger

Champagne Bollinger received its royal warrant from Queen Victoria in 1884. The brand is known for its pinot noir-driven Champagnes and long ageing process. If you really

 want to celebrate in royal style with Bollinger, pick up one of the brand’s magnums.

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17 May 2018 News

Off the Markt, a lifestyle website based in New York City, has published a list of the finest rose wines for 2018. Guigal’s 2017 Cotes du Rhone rose is noted for being a “…structured, dry rose…bursting with red fruit flavors and aromas”. See the rest of the post, and the full list, here.

16 May 2018 News

Female First, a UK based site, chats with Stephanie Morton Small of Finca Decero about the ground breaking augmented reality app she created for The Owl & The Dust Devil. She says “I think it is the ultimate dinner party wine! A great conversation starter that will enliven all the senses… and a great way to keep your guests occupied, and impressed, if you are between courses!”

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15 May 2018 Feature, News

A really nice piece in Market Watch on where VINTUS has come from, and the exciting future ahead.  What an intense 15 years it’s been, pretty amazing to be called “a force in the business”.  The best is yet to come!  Click on the image or here to see the full article.


10 May 2018 News

Quinta do Noval is previewing their 2016 Vintage Ports this week at a series of tastings in New York, Chicago and San Francisco, in collaboration with the Symington Family Estates and the Taylor Fladgate partnership. Wine Spectator’s James Molesworth published a post with some comments about the general declaration, citing the 2016s from Noval as highlights of the vintage. Below are a couple of excerpts. Click here to read the full article!

“The 2016s are definitely going to make a splash. The growing season got off to a late start, following a very rainy spring that would pay dividends later in the season. As Portugal’s Douro Valley entered into its typically hot and dry period in June and July, the vines had enough water reserves to help them along, with only a few areas suffering from hydric stress. Then, on Sept. 13, a light rain fell, giving the vineyards a freshening, and with the vintage running a week behind, growers could take advantage of ideal weather conditions into October, picking the later-ripening varieties such as Touriga Franca at optimum quality. Yields are markedly lower—lower than 2011 and 2007, so expect demand to be high, with prices slated to be about 10 to 20 percent higher than the 2011s.”

“Among the highlights are the 2016s from Noval, both the regular bottling and the Nacional, with the former capturing the sleek and focused feel of the vintage to a T, while the latter is simply a beast-mode Port, with nearly unbridled energy to its core of black currant and plum paste flavors and bristling brambly spine.”