21 November 2017 News

After much anticipation, Mitolo Wines has opened its first tasting room, event space, and on-site restaurant Bocca Di Luppo. On November 12th, they held their official launch event in the new space expressing their modern update on traditional Italian style. Frank Mitolo describes it as “nothing prissy” but that it needed to be “unique and special”.

The entire project was not just about opening a tasting room but more about giving guests the full Mitolo experience, the expression of the terroir and a true feeling of family.  Here is a great article that gives some more details and photos of the new addition to Mitolo Wines.

“In my life it’s all about family and friends…. A table served with food and wine made with passion and love. This is the essence of Mitolo.” – Frank Mitolo

21 November 2017 News

In the annual Bettane + Desseauve “Guide des Vins,” arguably the most important wine guide in France, Chanson took top honors among the Top 10 Wines of the Year.

And we say “honors” plural, because the guide didn’t just name one wine to the list, it named three 2015v Chanson Beaune 1er Crus from as the #1 wine of the year.

See below and attached. Unable to choose 1 among the 3, these wines received the 2018 #1 Wine of the Year collectively:

Beaune 1er Cru Clos des Fèves 2015
Beaune 1er Cru Clos des Mouches 2015
Beaune 1er Cru Grèves 2015

20 November 2017 News

In this Edible Manhattan post, Chef Jamie Bissonnette explains his techniques for creating the perfect charcuterie board and what wines to drink with it. Article here

20 November 2017 News

Tommasi Rafaèl Valpolicella Classico Superiore 2015 was featured in a Thanksgiving drink roundup on The Daily Meal. In “What to Drink With Thanksgiving Dinner: 50 Festive Choices,” editor Colman Andrews choses the Rafael as one of his recommendations to help liven up the “reasonably unassertive” Thanksgiving turkey. A “stylish alternative to pinot noir,” Colman highlights that this Valpolicella is “fresher, with rounded fruit and a hint of leather.”

Click here to view the full article.

18 November 2017 News

We’re happy to share new coverage for Tommasi  Ripasso 2014 in “What I’m Drinking for Thanksgiving,” on Huffington Post.  John Mariani recommends the Ripasso as one of his favorite wines at the moment, “perfect for a Thanksgiving feast.” John notes the classic Valpolicella winemaking style of Ripasso, noting it gives the wine “considerably more body and layers of flavor.” He later highlights that Tommasi’s Rafael Valpolicella is a “fine example” of other Valpolicella wines and that it is “a very versatile wine of the region.”

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17 November 2017 News

Yesterday evening chef Jamie Bissonnette, of Saucisson de Guigal fame,   joined Vice’s editorial staff at their offices for a happy hour with the Munchies food team. Guigal wines took center stage at the casual tasting, as Jamie walked the m through his favorite charcuterie and wine pairings, as well as executing a live demo of his recipe for Saucisson de Guigal Fried Rice, all over a delectable spread of various types of charcuterie.

14 November 2017 News

Tommasi’s Filodora Prosecco was featured on the blog Shockingly Delicious’ Facebook page. Blogger Dorothy Reinhold urges followers to drink “Champagne’s hipper Italian cousin,” Filodora Prosecco, this holiday season. She specifically recommends Filodora as the perfect choice for Thanksgiving because of its ability to “stand up to the wide variety of tastes in a Thanksgiving dinner,” or alternatively serving it on a “weeknight to make any dinner special.”

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14 November 2017 News

Simply The Best Magazine featured Tommasi’s Filodora Prosecco as a “Spirited Selection” in the magazine’s annual holiday gift guide. Editor Jenny Lemoine describes the Filodora’s crisp, fruity notes and reasonable price, noting it makes a fantastic bottle to “have on hand for impromptu cocktail parties” and any other special occasions that may arise during holiday season. She notes “some of the world’s greatest prosecco’s are vinified from small estates,” and adds Tommasi Filodora “sets the bar for prosecco a notch higher.”

13 November 2017 News

A brief synopsis of our events at Toro NYC featuring the Saucisson de Guigal, the Cotes du Rhones and Chef Jamie Bissonnette. Read here

2nd November 2017 News

Scott Harper, one of Kentucky’s two Master Sommeliers, writes a piece on wine for the holidays and recommends Guigal Cote-Rotie “Chateau d’Ampuis” 2012 for its “Ethereal nose of red and black fruits…violets and cured meats.” See the whole article here.