Paternoster Don Anselmo Aglianico del Vulture 2013 (96 WA)

“The top shelf wine in the Paternoster portfolio is the 2013 Aglianico del Vulture Don Anselmo. This very attractive and elegant vintage reveals a beautiful bouquet with extremely chiseled and focused fruit. The cool growing season results in bright aromas of dark berry, spice, licorice and campfire ash. There is a tangy element, too, with grilled herb and rosemary essence. This full-bodied wine is robust and amply structured at the back. This vintage is superior to 2015 in terms of linearity and sharpness. The 2016 vintage should enjoy an exceptionally long period of bottle evolution and aging.”

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    Basilicata, Italy

    Volcanic wines are currently a hot topic among wine critics and enthusiasts worldwide, and Paternoster is very much of the moment: it is a volcanic wine in the literal sense of the term and stands on an extinct volcano. Paternoster is located in the relatively unknown southern Italian region of Basilicata, on the slopes surrounding Mount Vulture, and has long been considered one of the region’s most important wineries.