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Pondering Pinot Noir: Is the Grape Really That Good?

June 27, 2019

Wine writer Michael Cervin recounts some of the most interesting conversations and wines he tried during the 2019 World of Pinot Noir conference on IntoWine.com. He had the opportunity to sit down with Vincent Avenel, Managing Director of Domaine Chanson, to taste through several wines from the venerable Burgundy producer’s portfolio and highlighted one of the winery’s flagship wines, the 2016 Clos des Feves Monopole, Cote du Beaune. He noted,  “The cherry, raspberry and blackberry fruit creates a complex, dense red that is packed with a true sense of place, the earthiness and minerality being prevalent.” For any lovers of Pinot Noir or those looking to learn more about the history and complexity this grape offers, we highly recommend reading Michael’s extremely detailed story that speaks to a variety of things that factor into the quality of Pinot Noir, from region/environment to age of the vines and distinctive style. Read the full story HERE



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    Domaine Chanson

    Burgundy, France

    Chanson is a true mid-size Domaine. Unlike many of their competitors, their wines are produced using the grower model rather than the négociant model. They have extensive holdings of over 111 acres of exclusively Premier and Grand Cru vineyards in the heart of Burgundy. Chanson is obsessed with maintaining a consistent quality level across the entire range. The wines have a seductive and distinctive style due to the rigorous approach to viticulture and vinification.