Paternoster Synthesi Aglianico del Vulture 2016 (91 W&S)

“Synthesi stands out among this region’s warm-climate wines for its lively freshness. It feels cool and vivacious, as brisk acidity flows through its juicy raspberry flavors, picking up notes of licorice, wild herb and graphite. The tannins are firms and mineral, adding to the impression of coolness and allowing the vibrant fruit flavors to flow unimpeded. Priced to pour by the glass, its a perfect introduction to well made, unadorned aglianico.”

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    Basilicata, Italy

    Volcanic wines are currently a hot topic among wine critics and enthusiasts worldwide, and Paternoster is very much of the moment: it is a volcanic wine in the literal sense of the term and stands on an extinct volcano. Paternoster is located in the relatively unknown southern Italian region of Basilicata, on the slopes surrounding Mount Vulture, and has long been considered one of the region’s most important wineries.