Petrolo Bòggina B 2018 (94+ WA) (94+ )

“This is a niche wine that will capture your heart and mind. 2018 Bòggina B (closed with a wax capsule) is a pure expression of Trebbiano that is aged carefully on the lees to add to its aromatic intensity and complexity. Trebbiano can sometimes produce viscous and waxy wines, but that’s not the case here. This is a beautifully pure and sophisticated expression that offers honey, peach, acacia flower, toasted almond and spicy saffron. The aromas are delivered with extreme focus and sharpness, and that’s the main takeaway of this vintage. Fresh acidity and racy mineral notes give this white wine the power to cut through an epic spaghetti alle vongole. If you don’t already know Bòggina B, I highly recommend you try it.”

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    Petrolo Bòggina B 2018

    Toscana IGT

    Bòggina B is a little bit of Burgundy with a Tuscan twist. The wine is made with 100% Trebbiano Toscano. The clone of the Valdarno has been known for its quality since the 1300s, when it was regularly sent to the popes in Rome and the courts of Florence. Petrolo has been using Trebbiano grapes for its sweet vinsanto for decades, but owner Luca Sanjust decided that the time had come for a tribute to the great whites of Valdarno’s past. The wine is made under the guidance of one of Burgundy’s greats, Mounir Souma of Lucien Le Moine.

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    Val d'Arno di Sopra, Tuscany. Italy

    Petrolo is the definition of a cult winery, with an owner and a story that have helped create its legendary status. While the estate's benchmark wine, the Merlot cru Galatrona, deservedly receives fireworks in the press and is part of the history of Tuscany’s quality revolution in the late 1980s and 1990s, the winery's two other standouts, Torrione and Boggina, are an equally thrilling success - Sangiovese from a special and virtually unknown appellation bordering Chianti Classico that today produces wines of distinct regional identity.