Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Langhorne Creek


Langhorne Creek is one of Australia’s most ideal climates for growing Cabernet Sauvignon and has the oldest recorded Cabernet vines in the world. The freshness brought to the area by the Lake Doctor effect described below means Langhorne is one of the places cool enough in South Australia for Cabernet to achieve structure and display characteristic savory notes.



The “Lake Doctor” phenomenon, a cool ocean breeze that comes across the nearby and substantial Lake Alexandrina every afternoon and moderates temperatures, bringing them down 30-40 degrees. The overall heat that vineyards see, as a result, in some years is more equivalent to a cool climate region like Alsace, yet the fruit still achieves fantastic, intense ripeness.


The fruit was crushed into open fermenters, left on skins to cold macerate for 3 days prior to fermentation. Fermentation occurred at or under 73°F (with a Rhône isolate yeast). This helped to extract the skin tannin while maintaining aromatics. The wine underwent its malolactic transformation in oak, was then racked and returned to French and American oak for a 12-month maturation.


2014 followed the classic road of a late vintage. Deep soil moisture from a traditional winter flood bolstered us against the warm summer days, as did the cooling Langhorne Creek winds. With late February rains that harried other regions in South Australia. A generous year in both quantity and quality of fruit.


If color tells a story, then this is one of depth and character. Appealing floral notes give nuance to the attractive red fruit so abundant on the nose. Blackcurrant leads an ensemble cast of spices and herbs that act as a perfect foil to this wine’s mesmerizing display of fruit.



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Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz


Langhorne Creek

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Langhorne Creek

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