Quinta do Noval

Touriga Nacional 2017

Douro DOC


Intense and concentrated, with fine tannic structure, Touriga Nacional is distinguished by its delicacy, a characteristic of the Quinta do Noval style. It is the product of a strict selection from the best lots produced by the Quinta in any given year.


This wine is entirely made with Touriga Nacional, from the Quinta do Noval vineyard in the heart of the Douro valley.


This wine is fermented in stainless steel vats for a period of 10 days, where it then undergoes malolactic fermentation. After fermentation, the wine is aged in wooden barrels for 10 months, with 35 % in new French oak barrels.

Tasting Note

This fine floral and peppery wine offers a nice balance and texture. Violet, cherry, minerality and spice flood the midpalate, with notes of dark chocolate on the finish. Extraordinary balance and poise. – Carlos Agrellos, Technical Director


2017 was characterised by a cold, dry winter followed by an exceptionally hot and dry spring and summer. Apart from heavy rainfall (25 mm) on 6 July at Quinta do Noval, only 300 mm of rain fell since November 2016.

June was the hottest month since 1980, with temperatures reaching 42-44°C in the Douro Valley during a heat wave lasting from 7 to 24 June. Due to these extreme weather conditions, all phases of the vine’s growth were 15 to 20 days early compared to 2016.

The vines weathered the shortage of water and the high temperatures well. At the end of August the harvest looked very promising, with excellent sanitary conditions. Harvest started much earlier than usual due to the weather: from 17 August for the white wines and 21 August for the reds and the Ports, lasting until 28 September, with high temperatures and a total absence of rain.



Grape Varieties

Touriga Nacionale


Douro DOC



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"A level of elegance rarely attained"

Wine and Spirits -

Top 100 Wine of 2020 

"This has the textural beauty of the schist-rich air on a cool summer night in the Douro. Its silken refinement takes touriga to a level of elegance rarely attained, the variety's floral notes rising from the schist in the delicate scents of rosemary and rose. That delicacy is there when you first open the bottle, though the youthful tannins build in a crescendo of mineral power to block off the finish, relenting slowly as the wine opens with air. Noval made a major investment in touriga nacional when replanting the stone terraces in front of the quinta in the 1990s. If this is a sign of those vines coming into maturity, there will be more astonishing wines to come." 

"Shining and polished"

Wine Enthusiast -

"Ripe and elegant, this is a fine wine. Its perfumed character is balanced by the firm tannins that give the wine structure and density. The wine has a sense of restrained, black plum fruits shining and polished from wood aging." 

"Fresh, pure and understated"

Wine Advocate -

"The 2017 Touriga Nacional was aged for ten months in French oak of varying ages (only 35% new). It comes in at 14% alcohol. This was bottled about three weeks before being tasted and will be released in 2020. More generous than the other monovarietals tasted this issue from Noval, this also has the best structure while retaining the silky demeanor of the Petit Verdot. Fresh, pure and understated, this Touriga is a perfect food wine. You can approach this right away, as the tannins are not astringent." 

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Quinta do Noval Vintage Port is characterised by its purity of fruit and a fine, delicate quality that is typical of the wines of the property in general, but which finds its most remarkable and enduring expression in the Vintage Ports.

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Charm and accessibility in an authentically Douro style. Named after the emblematic cedar tree that dominates the terrace of Quinta do Noval, Cedro do Noval is an authentic expression of the Douro.

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Named after the emblematic cedar tree that dominates Quinta do Noval's terrace, Cedro do Noval is an authentic expression of the Douro. It is made at Quinta do Noval using carefully selected grapes 100 % grown on the highest steeply terraced vineyards of Quinta do Noval, in the heart of the Douro Valley, in Northern Portugal.